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In N.H., who has filed to run for office?

Yesterday was the filing deadline to run for statewide or federal office in New Hampshire, but this list may not include every candidate who has filed to run. Candidates for state representative must file with their town clerks, who mail the filings to the Secretary of State’s office. Some of those filings may not reach the State House until early next week.

Incumbents are marked with an asterisk before their names.


Ian Freeman (D)

Daniel J. Greene (R)

*Maggie Hassan (D)

Walt Havenstein (R)

Andrew Hemingway (R)

Jonathan Smolin (R)

Clecia Terrio (D)

United States senator

Gerard Beloin (R)

Scott P. Brown (R)

Robert D’Arcy (R)

Miro Dziedzic (R)

Mark W. Farnham (R)

Bob Heghmann (R)

Walter W. Kelly (R)

Andy Martin (R)

Jim Rubens (R)

*Jeanne Shaheen (D)

Bob Smith (R)

Representative in Congress

District 1:

Frank C. Guinta (R)

Dan Innis (R)

Everett Jabour (R)

Brendan Kelly (R)

*Carol Shea-Porter (D)

District 2:

Marilinda Garcia (R)

*Ann McLane Kuster (D)

Gary Lambert (R)

Jim Lawrence (R)

Mike Little (R)

Executive councilor

District 1: Andover, Danbury, Gilford, Hill, Laconia, Meredith, New Hampton, New London, Sanbornton, Tilton, Wilmot

Michael J. Cryans (D)

*Joseph D. Kenney (R)

District 2: Barnstead, Belmont, Boscawen, Bradford, Canterbury, Concord, Franklin, Gilmanton, Henniker, Hopkinton, Newbury, Northfield, Salisbury, Sutton, Warner, Webster

*Colin Van Ostern (D)

District 4: Allenstown, Bow, Deerfield, Epsom, Loudon, Northwood, Pembroke, Pittsfield

Jim Adams (R)

Robert Burns (R)

Maria A. Chilson (D)

*Christopher C. Pappas (D)

District 5: Deering, Dunbarton, Hillsborough/Hillsboro, Weare

Jennifer Daler (D)

Steve Hattamer (R)

Diane Sheehan (D)

Dave Wheeler (R)

State senator

District 2: Bristol, Danbury, Hill, Meredith, Sanbornton, Wilmot

Timothy Condon (R)

*Jeanie Forrester (R)

Carolyn Mello (D)

District 7: Andover, Belmont, Boscawen, Canterbury, Franklin, Gilford

*Andrew J. Hosmer (D)

Kathleen Lauer-Rago (R)

District 8: Bradford, Deering, Hillsoborough, Newbury, New London, Sutton, Weare

Jerry Little (R)

J.P. Marzullo (R)

Linda L. Tanner (D)

District 15: Concord, Henniker, Hopkinton

Kass Ardinger (D)

Dan Feltes (D)

Lydia Dube Harman (R)

District 16: Bow, Dunbarton

*David Boutin (R)

Jane Cormier (R)

District 17: Allenstown, Chichester, Deerfield, Epsom, Loudon, Northwood, Pembroke, Pittsfield

Nancy R.B. Fraher (D)

Howard Pearl (R)

*John Reagan (R)

State Representative

Belknap County

District 2: Gilford, Meredith

Glen Aldrich (R)

*Lisa DiMartino (D)

L. Michael Hatch (R)

John Hodsdon (R)

George Hurt (R)

Sandra Mucci (D)

*Herb Vadney (R)

District 3: Laconia (wards 1-6)

Robert Fisher (R)

*Don Flanders (R)

*Robert Luther (R)

*Frank Tilton (R)

Maureen Baxley (D)

Thomas Dawson (D)

*David Huot (D)

District 4: Sanbornton, Tilton

Jane Alden (D)

Richard Brothers (R)

*Dennis Fields (R)

Brian Gallagher (R)

*Ian Raymond (D)

District 5: Gilmanton

Joel Lambert Sr. (R)

Deborah Chase (D)

David Russell (R)

District 6: Belmont

George Condodemetraky (D)

District 7: Barnstead

*Guy Comtois (R)

Bruce A. Marriott (D)

District 9: Belmont, Laconia (wards 1-6)

Hillsborough County

District 1: Hillsboro

*Marjorie Porter (D)

*Gilman Shattuck (D)

Robert Fredette (R)

District 2: Deering, Weare

James Ashworth (D)

Daniel Donovan (R)

*Gary S. Hopper (R)

*Neal M. Kurk (R)

Arnold Rocklin-Weare (D)

Christine Ivinjack (R)

District 38: Hillsboro

Frank Edelblut (R)

Steve Hahn (D)

*Richard McNamara (D)

District 39: Deering, Weare

*John Burt (R)

Evelyn Connor (D)

Merrimack County

District 1: Andover, Danbury, Salisbury

*Mario Ratzki (D)

District 2: Hill, Franklin

*Scott A. Burns (D)

Harold F. French (R)

Werner Horn (D)

Ward 1: Franklin

Ward 2: Franklin

District 3: Franklin, Northfield

Carolyn A. Virtue (R)

*Leigh A. Webb (D)

Deborah H. Wheeler (D)

Ward 3: Franklin

District 4: Sutton, Wilmot

*Tom Schamberg (D)

District 5: Newbury, New London

*Karen E. Ebel

*David Kidder (R)

District 6: Bradford, Henniker

*Barbara C. French (D)

*Geoffrey Hirsch (D)

Riki P. Humboldt (R)

Mark H. Lindsley (R)

William Rodriguez (D)

District 7: Warner, Webster

*Clyde Carson (D)

Patrick Page (R)

District 8: Boscawen

*Caroletta C. Alicea (D)

Robert L. Forsythe (R)

District 9: Canterbury, Loudon

Kenneth Kreis, Sr. (R)

*Howard Moffett (D)

Michael Moffett (R)

George L. Saunderson (D)

District 10: Hopkinton

George A. Langwasser (D)

*Mel Myer (D)

*Mary Jane Wallner (D)

Barbara Mitera (R)

Ward 5: Concord

District 11

*Steve Shurtleff (D)

Ben Tasker (R)

Ward 1: Concord

District 12

*Paul Henle (D)

Kevin Moore (R)

Ward 2: Concord

District 13

*June M. Frazer (D)

Ward 3: Concord

District 14

*Jim MacKay (D)

Ward 4: Concord

District 15

Linda B. Kenison (D)

Ward 6: Concord

District 16

Helen Deloge (D)

James McConaha (R)

Ward 7: Concord

District 17

Richard Pattern (D)

Chris Wood (R)

Ward 8: Concord

District 18

Paula Bradley (D)

Ward 9: Concord

District 19

*Christy Dolat Bartlett (D)

Ward 10: Concord

District 20: Chichester, Pembroke

Richard W. DeBold (D)

John Ross Goldthwaite (R)

District 21: Epsom, Pittsfield

Denis R Beaudoin, Sr. (D)

Michael Brewster (R)

*Mary E. Frambach (D)

*Dan McGuire (R)

David J. Palfrey (R)

District 22: Allenstown

*Alan Turcotte (D)

District 23: Bow, Dunbarton

Anne P. Baier (D)

Paul Brassard (R)

Dennis D’Ovidio (D)

*JR Hoell (R)

Robert E. Martel (D)

John Martin (R)

District 25: Andover, Danbury, Salisbury, Warner, Webster

*David Karrick (D)

District 26: Boscawen, Canterbury, Franklin, Loudon, Northfield

*Lorrie J. Carey (D)

District 27: Concord (wards 1-7)

*Mary Stuart Gile (D)

*Chip Rice (D)

District 28: Concord (wards 8-10)

*Katherine Rogers (D)

District 29: Allenstown, Epsom, Pittsfield

*Carol McGuire (R)

Nancy Heath (D)


Testerman drops out of U.S. Senate race in N.H.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Conservative activist Karen Testerman yesterday left the U.S. Senate race in New Hampshire and threw her support to Bob Smith, who calls himself the only true conservative left in the field. Testerman made her announcement standing next to Smith as he filed his paperwork to run in the Sept. 9 primary, saying she has watched elections where candidates who fully …

Legacy Comments1

In the governor's race, and on the Democrat side thank you for the info on Ian Freeman plus who the heck is Ciecia Terrio? Also in reference to: "Incumbents are marked with an asterisk before their names." of that includes Maggie Hassan here, but what type of incumbent is she? De-facto or de jure? In other words: did she ever "make and subscribe" as in to draw up and sign her RSA Ch. 92:2 to Article 84 oath of office? No, as a de-facto she refuses to abide by Article 51 of the N.H. Constitution of "to execute the laws of the state AND United States" (emphasis ADDed for BOTH) because she REFUSES to do the subtraction pre-scribed in Section 2 of the 14th Amendment that in us eleven (11) states that do not elect our "Judicial officers" then the Representation in Congress SHALL be reduced. A court case #297 of Brown v. Hassan is currently on file in Merrimack County Superior Court to deal with this. The two new candidates might like to file an Amicus Curiae / Friend of the Court Brief in what they would DO if elected governor that the current one is NOT doing her job and so should not get paid any more $money, but be Article 14 "prompt"ly fired by an Article 17 bill of impeachment.

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