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Editorial: Talk is cheap when it comes to women’s health

If you hear the words, “I’m not racist, but . . .” you can be certain you are about to hear something racist.

Likewise, if a Republican candidate in New Hampshire says, “I fully support women’s access to health care, but . . .,” you can bet he or she is about to celebrate a decision that limits a woman’s access to health care.

On Monday, the Supreme Court ruled that it is a violation of religious freedom to require a family-owned corporation to provide insurance coverage for contraception under Obamacare.

Although there is debate about the decision’s scope, conservative groups and candidates immediately celebrated their latest Supreme Court victory.

As is often the case in the world of political rhetoric, the reactions were predictable and patronizing.

A spokeswoman for U.S. Senate candidate Scott Brown said: “Scott Brown supports women’s health care and access to contraception but by injecting government into every aspect of our lives, Obamacare threatens all our freedoms. The best solution is to repeal it.”

Gubernatorial candidate Walt Havenstein issued a statement that said: “I fully support women’s access to health care, including contraception, however, the Supreme Court has exposed one of Obamacare’s fundamental flaws, which is that it imposes a one size fits all answer to every circumstance.”

Not only do the words of Brown and Havenstein appear disingenuous, which the candidates seemingly acknowledge with their hands-up defensive posturing, but they do nothing but add to the noise inside the Republican vortex of unceasing cynicism. If the political schadenfreude directed at the Affordable Care Act doesn’t convince voters that candidates like Brown and Havenstein are more interested in destruction than construction, then nothing will.

Contraceptive services are a fundamental and at times life-saving aspect of women’s health care. By ruling the way it did, the Supreme Court has opened the door for religion and politics to control access to those services. Despite their protestations to the contrary, that is exactly what Brown and Havenstein are championing.

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“One nation under God, with liberty and justice for all,” despite the left’s unrelenting efforts

Were it only true!

I know that you folks would rather say: One nation under Government, with surrendered freedom and affirmative action for anyone who is not Caucasian"

I don't particularly care for either of those R candidates mentioned but what they said was correct. Government should not be making my health decisions for me. Is there anything Democrat do NOT want everyone else to pay for on their behalf? It's pretty sickening and they have so overused the racism and women accusation it just doesn't cut it anymore. They are not take seriously. They even claim now that dogs are racists. Hahahaha Contraception is not life saving, but actually can cause sickness and even death (strokes, heart attacks, etc) It is why you are seeing so many young women having strokes.

Dems portray women as poor helpless victims who do not have enough common sense to control themselves around men, or have the brains to figure out how to pay for their own birth control. Big Daddy Govt has to come to the rescue and step in and take care of everything for women. Women cannot manage anything on their own. HL offers 20 different kinds of BC for their employees. If you cannot manage to find one of those that suit your needs, go to PP and get an IUD, or go to the pharmacy and get a morning after pill. If you must have certain needs with any job, I suggest you find a company that fills those needs. That could be more vacation time, a certain wage, or how many holidays any company offers with pay. The idea that women are so helpless and dumb ,goes against what the so called feminists fought for. We are now nothing more than a group that cannot manage anything. Thus we need lots of help. We cannot feed our kids, get childcare, manage our medical issues, and a host of other things. Basically, one party believes we are victims. So much for smart women.

No Rabbit, one party believes a woman has no right over her own body or destiny. Hobby Lobby sells crap from China, a country that has 300 millions abortions yearly . If they really have such strict religious beliefs then they should stop buying from China. Let me tell you something, This is just the first step. The far right religious Republican party is not only planning to get rid of abortion it is also going to outlaw contraception as well. Four times married Rush Slimberger says only sluts need contraception and he should know.

I know of no woman, no matter what her political party is, that wants BC or abortion repealed. If you think that all Rep women feel that way, you are incredibly naïve. HL does buy goods from China. If they did not, they most likely would go out of business, and then those jobs would be gone. You most likely have no idea how women think Tillie. That is pretty evident in your posts. Like many progressives, you parrot what your party tells you, which pretty much states that women are helpless and dumb. So Big Daddy Govt needs to take care of them. That to me is insulting to all women. Any poll you will look at will in fact state how many folks nowadays consider themselves religious. Very few actually. Yet you are putting forth the message that that all folks who are not Dems want abortion and BC outlawed. Evidently, you have taken up the myth that women are victims. The same thing was done with welfare reform by Clinton. Cries of women and children in the streets. Did not happen. opposite did, it worked well and many women did in fact get out of poverty. Your myths do not fly anymore. Women are not that dumb.

Your comment is so spot on that I could not add to it. Great post RabbitNH.

I second that!

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit, we have had this discussion before, You parrot Republican talking points, I do Dems. That is what we believe so let us just get that out of the way. Now if you don't know any woman who wants to do away with BC and abortion you must keep to yourself a lot and stay away from Republican blogs or Christian churches. Tell you what why don't you go to the Manchester PP or the feminist health center in Concord and talk to some of the people (men and women) on the sidewalk, it might open your eyes. You can disagree with me, but don't say just cause you don't know any women who want to get ride of bc don't try to deny their existence.

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit, how many times must I refer you to the 2012 Republican National Platform and show you the language where all Republicans, who signed on, want a constitutional amendment to protect an unborn fetus no matter the way it was conceived, nor any peril of the mother? You even deny any fact that disagrees with your stated opinions.

I take exception with this editorial. There is NO absolute, NO black and white when it comes to support of most issues. I support a right of a woman to control her reproductive health. It is the equivalent of I support a persons right to drink, smoke, choose drapes for their home and what color to paint their nails. It is their right. Let's look at the other side of the coin, however, the Monitors "but......" moment.....When we talk about choice, it starts early in the process. A woman has a choice to engage in sexual intimacy, she has a choice to use protection or ask the partner in that activity to use protection. That is where choice begins. Then, she has the choice to take whatever actions she wants after the fact. All personal choices and none of my business or the business of anyone else; until she asks society to chip in and help pay for her choice. Pregnancy is not an "illness" it is a "choice". The famous "we need to keep the government out of our bedrooms" should apply to what happens after what happens in our bedrooms. Some people feel it is a sin to have an abortion or use the morning after pill and there is wide spread debate as to when life begins. Others see no issue and debate that point. It is not black and white, although progressives would like to declare: "the debate is over"; it still rages on. Some people find it repugnant to fund abortions, logically, that is an argument that makes sense. Pregnancy is a choice founded on a moment of passion and a lack of planning should be on the people who engage in the act. The Monitor editors need to understand that there are "buts" in every issue. Some liberals say, I support guns for hunting, etc. "but" not to own guns for........ There are "buts" in everything. On racism, it is not about skin color, it is about how certain groups represent or allow themselves to be defined by the actions and public behaviors of people within their group. Humans are humans and they will always have prejudices and opinions and hard held beliefs, they will interpret what they see.

You continue to ignore the fact that hormonal contraception (including the IUD) is used to treat real medical conditions, as well as for contraception.

Then if that proves out, make an exception in that case.

Ahh the irony of writing this editorial with the racist canard up front and personal. Just stop with the race baiting. But I digress with you. To the main point, If a Democrat candidate or newspaper editorial in New Hampshire says, “I fully support religious freedom, but . . .,” you can bet he or she is about to advocate for a decision that limits religious freedom... and freedom from government coercion more generally.

Racism is alive and well, as the resegregation of schools in the South, and the Republican attack on voting rights demonstrate. The Hobby Lobby decision will disproportionally affect the poor and minorities. The fact it may be an "unintended consequence" does not alter this fact. BTW: from the NH Constitution, which reminds us that there are NO absolute rights anywhere, that we live in a pluralistic society, and that competing rights and interests must be weighed in the scales of justice of the larger society. Art.] 3. [Society, its Organization and Purposes.] "When men enter into a state of society, they surrender up some of their natural rights to that society, in order to ensure the protection of others; and, without such an equivalent, the surrender is void." The libertarian right gets around this having made an "intellectual" fatwa, in defiance of common sense and history, that there is "no such thing as society." Everything that follows after continues the theme: "Let's pretend".

Here we go again with "racism" and "Republican attack on voting rights". Let's address each one. There will always be racism as long as humans are humans and allowed free thought. It is NOT as rampant as you suggest. On voting rights, I imagine that you are referring to voter ID. Let me tell you something Bruce, if ONE person steals a vote, if one illegal alien votes, if 100% of the votes in a district are from one party, it disenfranchises the whole system. If criminals vote or military votes are disallowed, it disenfranchises the whole system. Showing an ID is reasonable, it is the least a person can to do to participate in society. I can't believe how extreme your paranoid and absolutist ideology has twisted your sense of reality. You have built this straw man underclass who supposedly will have a hard time obtaining morning after pills (self abortion) and claim that people are intentionally plotting to hurt others. NO absolute right? Oh you would like that as you seem to want to silence others here, so free speech would be out the window in your ideal world, the right to bear arms would be out the window as would the freedom of press. Obama stated that he "fundamentally" wanted to change this country. So he has no love of country, he has a love of what he could turn it into. Progressives view it the same way, you included. All of the statistics and all of the "proof" that you provide here regularly prove nothing. Numbers and statistics can be manipulated and they are, from the real unemployment number to climate models to studies that women earn less than men. The latter is true in raw statistics but the reasons are many and not so cut and dried. Your interpretation of the NH Constitution is unique and it is YOUR interpretation, obviously not SOTUS.

FACTS again prove Bruce wrong - as always - HEADLINE: "Critics Who Claim Voter ID Laws Are Racist Won’t Like the Results of This Study" Steven A. Camarota, research director for the Center for Immigration Studies, led the study and analyzed the data. the study found that voter turnout increased across the board, but particularly among black voters, where it increased by 29.5 percent, compared to an increase of white voter turnout of 13.7 percent.

I fully support religious freedom but not if it is Muslim or some other religion I don't believe in. That is the far right's point of view.

Talk is cheap for liberals but facts always destroy their narrative : HEADLINE : "MILITARY BASES BANNED FROM BIBLES FORCED TO OBSERVE RAMADAN"

No, it isn't. You are under the assumption that you know what the belief structure is for millions of people - wow! Then I should take a page from your book and say that all liberals want the government to run everything, everyone must have the same opinion of everything, and the bad old people with money have to give it to everyone, whether they try or not. Correct? I'm not sure why you so staunchly believe that there are only people at each end of the spectrum, and none in between. Consider for a moment that you are wrong, and we really exist (riding our unicorns). Don't listen to the hired talking heads on tv who are there to get ratings by being outrageous and extreme. Talk to real people. Respect the point of view of others.

concordcitizen - Tillie did say "the far right," which implies that she understands there is a spectrum. She was clearly not talking about everyone on the right, or she would not have said "far right."

Great Letter Secure4Posterity.

This fact less smearatorial is .... 100% .... Quote ..... "political rhetoric" The CM is a mouthpiece for the extreme left and only speaks for the un- proud Americans. If you dont know about the recent story about un-proud Americans you are a LIDV

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