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2 injured in July 4th fireworks mishap in Pelham

New Hampshire officials said two people were injured – one of them severely – in a fireworks accident Friday in Pelham.

Authorities are not immediately releasing the names of the injured adults. State Fire Marshal William Degnan and Pelham fire Chief James Midgley said one of the adults was transferred to Massachusetts General Hospital.

Midgley said the incident involved “reloadable mortar” fireworks – the same model that sent 13 people to the hospital after an explosion in Pelham on July 3, 2012.

Officials said the investigation into Friday’s explosion is just beginning.

Degnan said people should attend professional displays rather than risk using the potentially deadly fireworks that are legal in New Hampshire.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reported that fireworks caused 11,400 injuries in 2013.

Associated Press

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It is just about time that somebody got on the ball and put an end to everyone buying and blowing off fireworks, any day of the year all night long. They are explosives and dangerous. They are not pleasant to listen to all the time. I am paying taxes to the City of Concord for this noise!! Let the professionals do the fireworks for fourth of July only. We do not need citizens constantly blowing these things off all the time. I will bet that a good portion are under twenty one years old as well. The Police have better things to do than chase down the complaints for these mini-bombs. Come on City Council, do your job and pass an ordinance stopping this practice.

I'm with ya, Lassie. Even heard some going off in Concord during that torrential rainstorm on the night of the 4th. What a waste of money. However, if the CCC passes the ordinance you've suggested, the CPD will be relegated to chasing around these mini-bombers. As you noted, the police have better things to do. I see it from the state level. When I was a kid, you couldn't buy anything stronger than a pack of sparklers in NH (sold in supermarkets!). I wouldn't mind it if NH outlawed the sale of fireworks again. They aren't the best bang for your buck.


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