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My Turn: Squabbles between Republicans and Democrats miss the point

After reading the letters about what Democrats and Republicans believe, it brought to mind the adage that a house divided against itself cannot stand.

While citizens can be slow to react and the passage of time can bring on complacency, it seems to me that people have become upset and disillusioned with the current political state of this country.

The continually low approval ratings of the executive and legislative branches, both current and previous administrations, seem to support the dissatisfaction of the people. And I am not shy about striking up conversation with strangers to find out how they feel while we wait in line or share a public space.

It is my feeling that the Republicans and Democrats aren’t all that divided, but if they give the illusion of division, create confrontation, then the public will remain divided along party lines.

As long as the voting public remains split, the government maintains control and continues its agenda, and it is business as usual without worrying about the masses because the masses are now fighting among themselves.

There is strength in numbers, and they don’t want us to converge in large numbers and possibly overtake the oligarchs.

Under George W. Bush, “WMD” and 9/11 secured the prevalence of fear in this country, a sentiment that had been growing slowly for years and fed by overly dramatic reporters, pundits and podium-thumping politicians.

We began avoiding our neighbors, not trusting people whose ethnicity or beliefs differed from ours. Hoodies, head scarves and the homeless make us uncomfortable.

We don’t smile, let alone make eye contact, because of fear, because of perceived danger.

As the Bush administration came to an end, ushering in Obama’s hope and change spiel, the fear and propaganda began to fade. But the all-powerful triad of government, corporations and financiers needed to create another illusion to keep the country, you and I, at odds.

Red and Blue states were created, politicians ramped up their indignation toward the opposition, record-breaking amounts of mud were being slung (mud, it’s not just for elections anymore) and terms such as Tea Party, Libertarian, Independent and Republicrat helped to further confuse and fracture the voting public.

Forget about muddying the water, bring on the smoke and mirrors!

Like a magician, Washington conjures up a diversion that keeps us from seeing what’s really going on. Meanwhile, the mass media, who weren’t fooled at all, write their biased reviews which end up confirming what we already know as our personal truth or inciting us to more vehement disagreement.

Remember the level of fear created with airport security, daily color-coded security levels and the insistence that having Big Brother in your life is necessary?

Instead of the level of fear that we experienced under Bush, it’s been replaced by a level of anger under Obama.

We are so loyal to our political party that when they rail against the other side, we wear their feigned outrage like a cloak.

Have you noticed that over the years the politicians talk less about what they are going to do and more about what the opposing party is doing?

Even when they talk about their goals it is rare that those ideas become reality, which provides fodder for the other party to vent.

Their created fear became real for us and changed who we were, how we saw others.

Now their created disagreements have led to deep division state to state, neighbor to neighbor. Our house divided.

The only sense I can make of this is that with consistently low approval ratings, the government may be experiencing twinges of fear, brought on not by overseas activities but from the growing dissatisfaction and outrage from the citizens in this country.

I have always been a Democrat, but in recent years I no longer have trust or loyalty to either party; for me, voting has come down to going with the lesser of two evils or “dancing with the devil” that I know.

In the end, I know the promises will be unfulfilled, as they spend first part of their term settling in, undoing the damage from the previous administration and arguing with the opposition. Then, as they enter the last half of their term, fundraising takes over unless they are a lame duck and at that point why bother with anything.

The legislative and executive branches have shown their fondness for the accumulation of money and the importance of such a concentration of wealth.

The judicial branch has been redefining the word “person” by extending human rights, privilege and considerations to non-human entities. And all three branches have adulterated out Constitution, our Declaration of Independence and our Gettysburg Address into something to suit their purposes while ignoring those they work for.

No, this is no longer a Red vs. Blue issue, but citizens vs. plutocrats.

This country is ours, not just theirs.

It is the fundamentals that this country was built on that I love: the everyday people, the coming together of community, the natural beauty of environment.

Isn’t it time to stop quibbling? After all, that’s what they want us to do so we’re not paying attention to what’s really important.

I understand that party issues have their place. I have been known to stand on soap boxes when provoked, but I also recognize that above all this is a people issue as in “We the People.” As in “of the people, by the people and for the people.”

The time has come to bring our house together and not let the powers that be keep us divided and then sit back while we tear each other apart, now dividing ourselves.

A house, a community, a country divided against itself cannot stand, and if ever we need to stand together it is now.

(Deb Pouliot lives in Concord.)

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what happened to tillie's trademark snarky comment

Thank you for putting into words that, which I have been trying to say all along. For the most part we all essentially want the same thing just through different means. I know I am not always right, but I shouldn't have to be, that is the beauty of compromise.

Treating the "government" as a monolithic entity is as illogical as it is unhelpful. It is comprised of people, and those people are responsive, in the best practice, to the people they represent. Education used to help us to see, to analyze, to decide, what our representatives were doing or failing to do for us. We have become uneducated and lazy, and unwilling to consider , or even to recognize, all the factors that go into governmental decisions and actions. The only long-term answer is to be found in education -- the ability to analyze and to reason. Any one who opposes or interferes with the broadest possible education for the most people is the enemy of the people. In the meantime, open your eyes, and see with your hearts.

simple really... "We have lost sight of the lodestar of the Founders' vision behind the dirty smoke of bogus and toxic social "causes." We have abandoned the touchstone of American self-reliance for an unholy and demeaning dependency on an increasingly unfriendly government." democrats are for more big govt - Republicans are for small govt . “big government” is the greatest threat to the country has risen from 55 percent when Obama took office to 72 percent today — the highest that number has ever been in 50 years of polling.

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