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Warner considering options for solar project

Warner is moving ahead with its own group net-metering proposal. The town is considering constructing a solar array the size of a soccer field to offset electricity costs for up to 10 municipal buildings. Officials held a public meeting in June to discuss the project and get input from residents.

Now, officials are evaluating the town’s options. Over the next few weeks, town officials plan to send out a request for proposals, meet with the Community Development Finance Authority to look at potential grant and funding opportunities and meet with representatives from the Public Service of New Hampshire to learn about how to connect a solar array to the grid.

“We are really moving very forcefully,” said Warner Town Administrator Jim Bingham.


Legacy Comments2

It would be honest reporting if the media actually printed how the 2009 renewable energy project from this administration is fairing. Silly me, they do not do follow ups on this administrations programs. Since 2009, 47 renewable energy projects have been approved. That is an average of 9 a year. 25 Solar 10 wind farms 12 geothermal plants. There are 14,000 abandoned wind farms in the US dotting our landscape. Wind turbines kill birds, and have problems with too much wind, not enough wind and cannot be operated if it is too cold. When the subsidies run out, they go out of business. Wind Farms do not attract private equity investors. In 2016 the subsidies for renewables will drop from 30% to 10%. The US last October had an auction out west for bids for solar development on federal lands. They got no bids. Solar panels also have issues with keeping them clean, animals getting trapped in them and they have not produce the % of energy they were expected to produce. And the panels are very expensive. So, it looks like things are not going well for renewables. If in fact they were a great idea, why do you suppose folks who are in the business of jumping on the next great profit margin have not jumped into renewables in the past? I am all about anything that works, saves energy and is affordable for the average Joe. It appears to me that there is not enough folks who want to invest in wind and solar.

Prediction: Within a week a group of concerned citizens will be formed to: Stop Warner Solar! After all, it may destroy the view of the transfer station or inconvenience an earth worm.

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