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My Turn: Real economic plan would start with minimum wage

The Republican gubernatorial candidates seem locked in a battle to win the award for dumbest economic plan of the year.

Walt Havenstein would reduce taxes on the Haves by cutting business taxes, but fails to explain how one replaces that estimated $49 million in lost revenue. But he assures us he wouldn’t have to cut programs and somehow his “cut taxes” scheme will magically produce 25,000 new jobs.

Andrew Hemingway would add to the burden of the Have Nots with his scheme to tax “employers” 2 percent while offering the Haves a cut in interest and dividend taxes.

When you examine Hemingway’s “employer” tax, you discover that it is really an “employment” levy adding a 2 percent flat tax to wages and salaries while cutting the interest/dividends levies to that same 2 percent. (Hey, isn’t that an income tax?)

No matter who signs the check to the tax collector, a 2 percent levy on wages and salaries is a burden to the workers; an employer-paid tax on wages is another deterrent to hiring or offering raises and an employee-paid levy is . . . an income tax!

If the Republicans were serious about job creation, they’d get serious about boosting the bottom feeders and stop worrying so much about the boys in the boardrooms.

Instead, they eliminated the state’s minimum wage, dropping the state wage floor to the federal level, a level at which no family can survive.

A serious proposal to boost the New Hampshire economy would start with a state minimum wage above 10 dollars an hour. That would put more money in the hands of the poorest, and they would spend it.

That’s what poor people do when they get money because they need things. And that spending drives the economy, spurs hiring.

Henry Ford understood that; how come Hemingway and Havenstein can’t grasp it?

Maggie Hassan understands it; I’ll stick with her.

(John R. White of Wolfeboro is a Democratic candidate for the state Senate in District 3.)

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John...You are so Right ON ! For the past 30 odd years, the National Republican Party has done absolutely NOTHING to help the middle class. It has BENT OVER BACKWARD to help the rich get richer. The Bush Tax Cuts, mimicking the Reagan tax fiascoes, really benefited the rich since 2001. Remember when Boehner, as mouthpiece for the rich (Republicans) absolutely refused to allow those tax cuts to expire UNLESS it included the rich. And, we all know that the rich can easily afford increased taxes, whereas the middle class has been scrapping by, in fact, watching their income stay low as the cost of living has increased. Somehow the NRP hasn't figured out (just like some of the righties here) that a financially weak middle class leads to a weak US economy. Over the past decades, studies consistently show that tax cuts for the rich don't 'trickle down' as Reagan promised; the rich save their tax cuts and invest internationally, or buy US bonds-result: the middle class pays to borrow money from the rich, while the national debt gets larger and the NRP screams about it. That is why there are few 'good' Republicans, anymore !!

You are absolutely Wrong! Period. ROTFLMAOAWCAH

"Hopey-changey burnouts are beginning to listen to how wealth-redistributionist, anti-business, nanny government approaches destroy society, while libertarian emphasis on individuals, entrepreneurs, and small government invigorates society. Traditional Americans' task is to teach burnouts the contrast between prosperity-killing, self-reliance-destroying nonsense and wealth-growing, accountability-oriented common sense." Not a single democrat is for the latter

As usual, BPR/Sail has it exactly backward. The top marginal income tax rate in the 1950s was over 90%. The world did not end then , though to read his post you'd think it would have. The past 30 years have seen the repeated application of neo-liberal/libertarian lasses-faire economic principles. From Ronald Reagan to Bill Clinton to Bush 2 to Obama --all have adopted policies espoused by Milton Friedman. If Friedman's snake oil nostrums had any validity, we'd be wash with prosperity. Instead, the middle class is shrinking into non-existence, poverty rates have soared, and wealth has concentrated dramatically at the very top of the income pyramid. History shows that great concentrations of wealth are inimical to democracy, and to greater opportunity for a nation's citizens. The oligarchs created in the era of deregulation and tax cuts for the rich have little regard for the social contract or the quaint notion of "giving back" in any truly meaningful way. "Taking more" has replaced giving back.

silly boy FACTS prove your whole narrative wrong - AGAIN - the federal budget is 3.4 Trillion of which $2 Trillion is wealth transfer - of course you are one of the many sitting in the wagon getting a Govt check while we pull the cart. democrats sheeeesh -The Democrats…….. are a party of unions, government workers, retirees, green industries, “entitlement” payees, professors, teachers and social-change activists …….all of whom require government payments in one form or another.

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