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My Turn: Carbon emissions have us fishing on thin ice

I have ice fished for more than 30 years. Growing up on the Seacoast, most winter weekends were spent ice fishing for smelt on Great Bay with my father.

The months leading up to the start of smelt fishing season were filled with anticipation and excitement about what the coming winter would bring. We wondered if there would be more or fewer shacks this year or if the smelt fishing would be as good as last year. One thing we never wondered was whether there would be safe ice to fish on.

I’ll admit that safe ice can’t form soon enough for me. If I had my way, the lakes would stay frozen all year (well, at least a few of them), but I never imagined that I would wonder whether I would be able to ice fish each season.

I can remember seeing trucks on the ice of Great Bay when I was a kid, and no one thought twice about it. Now, no one would dream of driving a vehicle on the ice of Great Bay because it never gets thick enough anymore. Every winter the ice that forms on Great Bay is thinner, making the smelt fishing season shorter.

The winter of 2012 was the worst I can remember.

There was safe ice to fish on for about two weeks, and then it was gone and never returned. It didn’t seem to matter though, because there were so few smelt to catch. Warmer water temperatures are also contributing to the loss of valuable smelt habitat.

As a young adult, I gravitated to freshwater ice fishing. At the time, I thought I was just drawn to the diversity of species that could be caught through the ice. While that is true, I later realized that it was the dependability of safe ice that drew me to the freshwater lakes and ponds each winter.

I now wonder how long I will have safe freshwater ice to fish on. There are winters now where lakes such as Winnipesaukee don’t completely freeze over, and if they do it is only briefly. I make my living as an ice fishing guide during the winter months, and each season gets shorter and less consistent. I know weather isn’t something we can control, but it has become more extreme and unpredictable than ever.

I didn’t grow up hearing terms such as El Nino, La Nina or polar vortex, but now they are commonplace terms because of new and changing weather patterns.

Another change I have witnessed over the past decade due to warm water is the timing and duration of certain fishes’ spawning. It is the lake being free of ice, the mount of daylight hours and water temperature that trigger white perch and other species to spawn.

White perch usually spawn over a two-week period, but now the water warms so fast that in some areas of the lake they spawn in one day. Warmer water also affects cold water species such as lake trout and landlocked salmon.

All fish species, warm water and cold water, have a preferred water temperature, and the rising water temperatures are forcing them out of their natural habitats because of depleted oxygen, algae blooms and other side effects of warming trends.

Carbon emissions are affecting our overall quality of life by posing serious health risks, but the emissions also have a negative impact on the success and quality of life of our fish and wildlife, which in turn leads to negative economic impacts.

If we do not act, the problem will only worsen. Carbon emissions are a major part of the problem and power plants are a contributor. I support the EPA’s efforts to reduce carbon emissions through the Clean Power Plan.

(Timothy Moore lives in Portsmouth.)

Legacy Comments16

I can only go by what I see myself and the climate is some different from many years ago. The earth is not static and goes through changes all the time. No question, we are in a warming phase. Are humans making it worse? Most definitely. Are we coming out of the ice age period or headed into another one. Who knows. I seriously doubt we will control this, so must prepare. What we can change for the better, we should.

Sorry Best Pres . . . you're the one who's wrong. There's plenty of evidence all around you. Evidence like the lack of native brook trout in so many of the waters where they used to live and reproduce. I challenge you to find a native brook trout anywhere in the state south of Concord. There are a few places . . . but in order to really find fishable, sustainable populations you need to venture north of the lakes region - the further north, the better. All of the lakes in the Concord area and south - lakes that used to be coldwater lakes - are now warmwater lakes. This is partly because of the natural life cycle of any body of water(oligotroophic becomes mesotrophic and mesotrophic becomes eutrophic, etc.) but acid rain and climate change have hastened the process.

another classic antidote observation turned into classic globull warming alarmism. The world also use to have dinosaurs ......

Hogwash. Another alarmist short on facts. Lake Superior had record ice this year. her is another HEADLINE : Global sea ice expands to 10-year high – Most ice since 2004 Both Poles Gaining Sea Ice as Antarctica breaks records and Arctic hits decade high. The newest claim from the alarmists is "The oceans ate my warming" is also hogwash. “Two of the world’s premiere ocean scientists from Harvard and MIT have addressed the data limitations that currently prevent the oceanographic community from resolving the differences among various estimates of changing ocean heat content.” Climate so called experts’ forecasts change as fast as the weather, They cannot deny the temperature pause of 17 years 10 months so they switch their story to the oceans. To think that these alarmist scientists practicing a juvenile science know anything requires a suspension of your natural skepticism. Finally go to the EPA calculator to see that the draconian proposals from EPA predict 0.02°C Temperature Rise Averted by 2100. I do give credit to the author for turning anecdotal weather observations into an indictment for globull warming.

Here we go again. Ignoring that NOAA has declared the ten warmest years on record have occurred since 1998.

Time AGAIN to re-educate the LIDV. Walter... global warming alarmists , of which you are one, claim that the Earth is warming or that this was the hottest (year, month) ever, they are totaling up readings from rather simplistic, low-budget, small, automated weather stations scattered around the nation and the world. But about 90% of those weather stations violate the officially-published standards required for accurate measurements. This news comes from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which used data from 114 U.S. weather stations CONSIDERED TO PRODUCE THE MOST ACCURATE TEMPERATURE READINGS : The data say the country has cooled 0.7 degree Fahrenheit in the past decade. In addition, satellite data shows no global warming statistically different from ZERO for 17 years and 10 months, which is over 50% of the time satellites have been used to record temperatures, and even the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) acknowledging a “pause” in rising temperatures, it’s time to stop falsely whining about a climate change problem. Needless to say when confronted with this information the alarmists immediately switch to " THE OCEANS ATE MY WARMING. Their claim of 0.04 degrees ocean warming has also been debunked as statistically no different than ZERO. “Two of the world’s premiere ocean scientists from Harvard and MIT have addressed the data limitations that currently prevent the oceanographic community from resolving the differences among various estimates of changing ocean heat content.”. So the LIDV's need to keep up on the data and quit their false alarmist hoax until you can prove something not just hypothesize things

You should read the whole story about the ocean scientists-they agree with AGW. They took the Australian newswriter to task for misstating their results. ROTFLMAO-again.

when you actually know and race against and socialize with experts from Scripps and Wood Hole, the foremost oceanographic institutions in the world, then you would actually have facts in your head instead of skewed library book spoon fed blather. Answer this How many years of the argo data is necessary for a scientist to be able to create statistically reliable data sets on ocean temps? You are a spoon fed beast and dont have an original thought in your brain.

Feel free to cite actual research from either of those institutions that supports ANY of your claims. We won't hold our breath.

New paper on ARGO data: ocean heat still missing Four out of five ARGO data studies now show Ocean Heat Content declining. Scripps Institution, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, the University of Washington and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory are United States float operating partners in Argo. NOAA's Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory (AOML) handles U.S. float data.

Still waiting. You fail to cite any actual links to either Scripps or WHO. That's because, as I said above, your claims aren't supported by the scientists who do the actual research at those institutions and such links are nonexistent. Instead, you've quote-mined from denier sites who've spun the research to suit their ends, and generate the misleading headlines you're so fond of posting. One of those scientists, who's researched OHC, from Scripps, has this to say about such behavior: "For Xie, the study was an initial effort to reconcile seemingly contradictory data about regional and global trends. Some climate-change sceptics have tried to use the hiatus to discredit global warming, but Xie says that his results only bolster the link between greenhouse gases and climate change. How long this cool phase in the tropical Pacific will endure remains unclear, but it's just a matter of time: 'The wake-up call is going to come some day when the Pacific Ocean decides to swing into a warmer state,' he says.” Another scientist whose study you are fond of distorting with a misleading denier-sourced headline is Carl Wunsch, who wrote this reply to a deniosphere journalist regarding his distorted take on Wunsch's recent paper on ocean warming--the same one you've also distorted on several occasions through the use of those false headlines. "In the Sunday Telegraph of 27 July 2014, Christopher Booker pretends to understand a highly technical paper on ocean warming to such a degree that he can explain it to his lay-audience. Had he made the slightest effort to contact me, I could have told him that the paper in reality says that the ocean is warming overall at a rate consistent with previous values – but that parts of the deepest ocean appear to be cooling. This inference is not a contradiction to overall warming. He imputes to me a wish to hide my views: nothing could be further from the truth. I believe that global warming is an extremely serious threat, but how that threat will play out in detail is scientifically still poorly understood. Anyone who interprets the complexity of change to mean global warming is not occurring and is not worrying, is ignorant enough to regard The Great Global Warming Swindle as a documentary - it is an egregious propaganda piece." Carl Wunsch Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology For interested readers, more on ocean heat can be found here:

24 hours later: still waiting for Sail/BPR to provide documentation from Scripps or Woods Hole Oceanographic for his claims.

silly boy - still so delusional that you think that the CM actually posts what we submit - you lead a very sheltered life free from having to actually support yourself. That is the way of liberals & socialists

Stop blaming the CM for whatever "moderation" you're required to submit to, and the lack of factual data your posts contain. The quality of your posts speak for themselves: by volume they exceed anyone else's, by tone and rhetoric they're often inflammatory and almost always distort the facts on any given subject. Perhaps the Monitor could give us another update on the number of posts you've made so far this year?

No posts allowed Wed , Friday Saturday Sunday - that is not moderation that is censorship that is obviously done to help the LIDV state their blather before facts are posted from the conservatives. As for your lengthy screeds - 100% of priests believe in God..... and you are an alarmist pathological worshiper. FACT no globull warming for 17 years and 11 months and going strong. ..... when so many facts disprove the hypothesis when do the alarmists give up on their hoax? knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit....wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad - you obviously eat a lot of crappy fruit salads

Your headlines and breathless prose distort the facts--as usual-- to tell only half the story. As of August 19th, "Arctic sea ice extent is well below average, and large areas of low concentration ice are observed in the Beaufort Sea and along the Siberian coast." Arctic sea ice extent continues its long-term downward trend. Sea ice extent in 2013 increased slightly from the record low extent of 2012, but that does not alter the overall downward trend. The Antarctic is also losing ice mass, even as ice extent is increasing. The increasing extent is due to changing wind patterns that have the effect of pushing ice northward. The changing wind patterns, coupled with warming ocean waters, and resultant increase in precipitation, are themselves signs of a changing climate. As Judith Curry has written, when she wore her scientist's hat: ‘The observed sea surface temperature in the Southern Ocean shows a substantial warming trend for the second half of the 20th century. Associated with the warming, there has been an enhanced atmospheric hydrological cycle in the Southern Ocean that results in an increase of the Antarctic sea ice for the past three decades through the reduced upward ocean heat transport and increased snowfall..." As for the record ice in the Great Lakes, one anomalous year does not make a trend. The fact the northeast and midwest had one especially cold winter does not cancel out the overall warming trend on the planet. This is an example of "because it's cold in my backyard, it must be cold everywhere" logic.

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