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Editorial: Republicans should choose Havenstein

Politicians and business executives love to tout their leadership skills – whether they have them or not. But the real leaders are easy to spot. When they talk about accomplishments, they talk about the team.

On Sept. 9, New Hampshire Republicans and undeclared voters will choose the candidate for governor they believe is best equipped to build a team capable of leading the state to a more prosperous future. That candidate is clearly Walt Havenstein.

As a popular chief executive officer of BAE Systems Inc., Havenstein managed a budget that was about three times the size of New Hampshire’s annual budget. While allocating resources at a for-profit company is quite different from trying to stretch every dollar to keep the state running, Havenstein’s financial experience would undoubtedly help him spot inefficiencies in government operations.

Havenstein also understands that a promise to create jobs in New Hampshire requires not just statistics and equations but a commitment to building a better workforce. During his time at BAE, Havenstein formed partnerships with Dean Kamen’s FIRST Robotics program as well as the University of New Hampshire’s engineering department, which received a $1 million donation from BAE and invaluable advice about how to redesign the program to give students an edge entering the workforce. When Havenstein left BAE in 2009, 70 percent of the company’s interns were from UNH.

While we don’t back Havenstein on several issues, including his opposition to repealing the death penalty, we do agree with his belief that the push for casinos amounts to supporting a dying industry. We also believe that his 28 years in the Marine Corps will provide him with an important perspective on veterans’ issues.

Andrew Hemingway, Havenstein’s main opponent in the Republican primary, is an energetic young candidate, but he is ill-prepared for the seat he is seeking. His go-it-alone mentality stands in stark contrast to that of proud team-builder Havenstein, whose maturity, intellect and even temper would better serve his party and the state.

The clear danger for Havenstein is that voters on the fringe tend to dominate midterm elections, and those voters are increasingly backing Hemingway. But if Republicans want to seriously challenge the incumbent, they would be wise to choose the electable candidate.

Havenstein’s proven abilities to lead employees and manage a large budget, as well as his abiding respect for those he has worked with, make him the Republican Party’s best choice to challenge Gov. Maggie Hassan on Nov. 4.

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If Hassan gets back in, then with four months off for good behavior, she can run the State from her jail cell in Boscawen for eight of the months in 2015, on her one-year sentence for RSA Ch. 666:3 Election Law Violation for not doing her Article 51 duty to the Section 2 penalty in the 14th Amendment, sort of like the what did in Boston years ago.

Who are they talking about, Craig Benson? As for his business experience, it's all in the defense industry. Not exactly something to brag about, we don't have a defense contractor that hasn't had their hand caught in the proverbial cookie jar. I suppose his last stint showed his true talent, pay $600 million in fines and the SEC won't prosecute. Yes just what NH needs.

Hassan will win another term by screaming ovary on election night and convincing enough post menopausal Women that republicans are going to try and deny them reproductive health . It worked last election cycle and it will regretfully work again this time, especially with a lackluster guy like haverstein.

Kiss of Death. An endorsement for a Republican by the Concord Monitor.

$$$$ 102.1 DEFICIT in just 1st year of Hassan failed leadership - If Havenstein hammers this home in the next 70 plus days - he is our new Governor. Hassan is a hand shaking , baby kissing professional politician. I bet a reader cant even tell you what decade she started. NH does not need professional politicians - that is why we have an executive council and a 400 seat common man legislature - Get rid of the professional politician Hassan

Excellent editorial.

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