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Letter: GOP makes women second-class citizens

The Republican Party has a history of making women second-class citizens. Its political platform has nearly an absolute prohibition against the termination of a pregnancy. Congressman Todd Akin stands in this tradition of junk science. His sophomoric statement – “If it is a ‘legitimate rape,’ the female body has ways to shut that whole thing down” – is outrageous! He implies that rapists’ sperm are treated differently by the body. Idiocy!

So often we have legislatures of old, angry, white men who are afraid of women. They are a calloused, insensitive group to be making laws about women’s bodies. Vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan has joined with Akin to slice and dice the word “rape” and introduces the term “forced rape” as the only legitimate form! President Obama has it correct, “Rape is rape.” Wouldn’t it be better to find ways to end rape than to find ways to redefine it?

The Republican Party is against any law that allows women to control their own health care and reproductive capacity. Mitt Romney would cut any federal funding for Planned Parenthood, which provides health and reproductive services to millions of Americans. It is a basic economic freedom: A woman cannot be a viable part of the economic world if she cannot choose if and when she will have a family. This freedom scares some white men – so much so that the U.S. Senate tried unsuccessfully to give employers the power to dictate whether female employees would have health coverage for contraceptive prescriptions! Such an arrangement would destroy the doctor-patient relationship.

It is imperative that every woman and every caring man vote for Obama and Joe Biden on Nov. 6 to protect a woman’s right to choose.



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we assert the sanctity of human life and affirm that the unborn child has a fundamental individual right to life which cannot be infringed. We support a human life amendment to the Constitution and endorse legislation to make clear that the Fourteenth Amendment’s protections apply to unborn children Lets hope none of you have a female relative or friend be raped or molested and get pregnant. Then they're sol. And if they die due to complications who cares?

Alright Kelly Ayotte, there are going to be left wingers who say that all Republicans want to control people's reproductive rights or that Republicans want to be in the OBGYN's Office all of this is far from the truth but it is a sledge hammer reflex by the left. Yes there are some that think that everything that happens is God's will I do not begrudge these religious people of that thought. I believe God gave mankind free will and that mankind has to be accountable for that free will.

Good letter David. We should be moving forward not backward.

The manufactured War On Women. The Left will try and push the fantasy that because a religious entity refuses to pay for BC that women have no other choices of where to get it. First of all, you always have the choice to look for employment elsewhere. And you can get BC pretty cheap at Walmart. Nobody wants BC or abortion outlawed, Dem or Rep, except for extremists. Many Pols are extreme on the right and the left. To hold either of those parties accountable for what any extremist says is. wrong. Last time I checked, PP makes quite a profit. My guess is that PP will do just fine without tax payer money. And I assume the ACA covers this also.

I belong to the Republican party and the allegation that we stand in the way of women's reproductive rights or a woman's ability to control her own healthcare. I also would state that it is NOT a right for a woman to have her reproductive health care paid for by her neighbor nor is it a "right" to get free contraception paid for by your neighbor. Birth control pill cost $9.00 per month, a condom costs about 50 cents. It is affordable but before the choice to have an abortion comes the choice to protect yourself, abstain from the act of intercourse and a host of other common sense and what should be natural choices. I am pro-choice BUT that does not mean that I am interested in paying for a woman's abortion as I find that morally repugnant. Period. If you decide to engage in any activity which will put you in a tough circumstance then you should think before acting in a moment of passion. If you want that abortion, that is your "choice", no one should have to "chip in" to help you pay for it or pay for necessary counseling which may be necessary due to that "choice" If you are responsible enough to "choose" and you want that right then you should be responsible enough to pony up the necessary funding for your "choice".

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