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Man paints message about Behr Paint on Concord home

Denis J. O'Connell, Sr. painted a sign to Behr paints showing his feelings towards the paint company.


Denis J. O'Connell, Sr. painted a sign to Behr paints showing his feelings towards the paint company. courtesy Purchase photo reprints at PhotoExtra »

After an unhappy experience painting his Badger Street home this summer, Denis O’Connell has given up for the winter and left a message on the front of his home: “Never ever buy Behr paint.”

O’Connell, 71, wanted to paint the home a cranberry color, but the paint color he purchased did not sufficiently cover the white primer. Instead of looking like cranberry, he said, it looked pink or red.

After several trips back to the store, phone calls to the paint company and the advice of a professional painter, O’Connell learned it would take several more coats of paint to reach the desired color. *He has turned down an offer from Behr to reimburse him for the $350 he spent on paint.

“I want to be able to go forward with a clear conscience and be absolutely 100 percent critical of their paint,” O’Connell said.

Right now, the front of the home is a cranberry color, one side is “reddish,” another side is half gray primer, half yellow and the back is still the home’s original yellow color.

O’Connell said the tenants in the two-family home have laughed about the paint, but neighbors have asked him how long he intends to leave his written message on the front of the home.

“It will certainly be up there until next summer when I get around to painting the house next year,” he said.

*A previous version of this article contained incorrect information about the offer O’Connell received from the company. Behr sent a professional painter to inspect the house, but did not offer to hire a professional to finish the job.

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I've been in the paint business over 25 years. I've seen a lot of good brands (and bad) come and go. I can honesty say that the number of Behr success stories I've heard has been few. But I have to wonder....Why would one use a white primer under such a deep color? Was the primer specified by the Behr dealer or was from some other job? I thought Behr was "paint and primer in one". Why wouldn't the homeowner hire a professional to at least visit the house and write a spec? I can't believe I'm defending Behr here, but my guess is this is nothing but the result of a cheap landlord trying to save a buck on what should have been treated as an EPA regulated paint job....Which, by-the-way, would have cost thousands of dollars... to protect the tenants of a house obviously built before 1970. TENANTS: Please make sure the landlord picked up all the lead chips around the house. They are very dangerous. And it sounds like the 71-year-old isn't getting "around to painting" for a while. As far as I'm concerned, had Mr O'Connell truly cared about his tenants AND the proper restoration of his house, this would never have happened.

I, Denis O'Connell, NEVER received an offer to paint the entire house from Behr Paint! NEVER! I ONLY received an offer to pay me for my Behr paint expenses to date! The Professional House Painter hired, by Behr, was there to take pictures FOR THEM and give THEM his opinion. It was his professional opinion that the house/project would need 2 or 3 more coats of paint before being finished! He could NOT believe that all the paint(Cranberry) used was via the same formula but it was.

Are you sure that the paint store did not mess up the formula. I have used Behr paint most of my life and unless they blend it wrong at the paint store, there is not much that can mess up Behr quality products, they are the best in the business in my opinion.

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