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Mike Marland, Oct. 25, 2012

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I think this cartoon depicts the current status of the political realm perfectly....

Who thinks like that: "code worded, conspiracy believing, conspiracy, tea party mean spritedness"? That comes from a twisted mind, an elitist and intellectually dishonest partisan. To gran8stater, you really did not expect the Monitor to support Romney, did you. They are so self important and their sense of self congratulatory enlightenment trumps their journalistic honesty. But, like other mainstream media outlets, they have been carrying Obama's water for some time. Hopefully, New Hampshire voters have more common sense and intellectual honesty. It amazes me that educated professionals can be so naive.

Hey gran8stater...are you surprised. Of course the Monitor sycophants blamed all of Obama's challenges on others. Of course they did, they are basically ideological and uninformed. I think that the majority of thinking New Hampshire citizens see that Obama is neither qualified to be president nor his he able to lead or manage everything. Unfolding at the moment is the Benghazi story which the Monitor and other mainstream news sources are refusing to cover. The bottom line is that this president has lied to the American people about Libya and the ongoing investigation is not enough in the midst of one of the most contentious presidential elections in decades. Americans deserve to know what Obama knew, when he knew it and why forces at the ready were not deployed. Don't expect the so called "journalists" and so called "editors" or the so called "publisher" at the Monitor to do their job. They are too engrained in ideology to be honest, either journalistic-ally or intellectually. Instead they back one of the most unprepared, dishonest presidents in our lifetime. Expected!

If you didn't get the hard copy of the Monitor you didn't see that (I am getting my surprised face on now) that the Monitor endorsed Barack Hussein Obama and they blamed his horrific presidency on others even tough Obama had a Democrat Senate for all of his term and a Democrat house for half of his term. As for code words and dog whistles the racist democrat party sure knows a lot of them.

It has been proven in several prior posts that these statements are bold faced lied and distortions.At least have the decency to state facts and not lies promlugated from the Faux news network

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