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Letter: Report card for the governor

This is how I would grade John Lynch as governor:

Smiling pretty for photo ops: A+

Attending ribbon-cutting ceremonies: A+

Shaking every hand available: A+

Kissing babies: A+

Looking at disasters and saying “This is terrible”: A+

Entertaining VIPs: A+

Taking first cruise of the year on the Mount Washington: A+

Attending social event and county fairs: A+

Giving empty speeches: A+

Dodging issues: A+

Passing the buck: A+

Actually doing the job he is paid to do: D-.

I raised him to a D- just in case he did something of value that I didn’t notice.



Legacy Comments2

"Mr. Bean" must be thinking of some previous Governor. The one he's apparently giving a "report card" on is the most popular Governor this state has ever had. A true moderate who was able to work with those on both sides of the aisle.

WOW! Great letter. You missed a couple though......Fence Sitting A+, playing milquetoast governor A+, not doing much of anything to push us closer to destruction A+, talking out of both sides of his mouth A+, keeping the beautiful people in Concord happy A+.

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