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Mike Marland, Nov. 4, 2012

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How about doing a cartoon on the Concord Monitor's biased campaign coverage.

Great idea. I can see the set up of this cartoon......... Editors could be depicted with huge heads (signifying ego and their self appointed high minded thinking) and they could be wielding rubber stamps, one in each hand "enlightened support" and "extremist reject". On the other side of the cartoon could be Congressional bills: Health vs. Freedom, Choice vs Responsibility, Fair Taxation vs Tax The Rich. On the latter of the the choices "extremist reject" could be stamped and they are getting ready to "enlightened support" rubber stamp the rest as the rest of the Monitor staff, wearing the hammer and sickle armbands are onlookers. Well, one can dream, can't they?

Hey Marland how about a Vote for Revenge Cartoon? You can use a clown with big ears.

I doubt that he can. He is a one trick pony.

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