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Letter: N.H. pretender

I’ve just finished listening to an extensive piece on This American Life on NHPR about the political impact that House Speaker Bill O’Brien has had on our state over the past few years.

It makes me absolutely insane that this pretend New Hampshirite generates such national exposure for such inane proposals and policies. O’Brien has degraded virtually every aspect of life in New Hampshire except his own.

O’Brien’s role as speaker has been the most nasty insult to the intelligence of the average New Hampshirite visited upon this state since Meldrim Thomson and the nuke days. If people like him continue to be elected, then the overall shame that the United States is experiencing in regards to the rest of the world – i.e., educational standards, lack of health care, cost of health care, etc. – is only going to continue tanking this country on the world stage. World leader? If we didn’t have the biggest baseball bat in the world, would we be that?



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Well yeah, it stands to reason that if you are for more govt then you would be that way because you need govt and depend on it. Now a person who cannot manage their own lives, would have no idea how govt manages anything, much less how the economy works. The only glitch in that kind of thinking is that at some point you run out of other people's money. Business stops hiring because of mandates, epa regulations and taxes. Unemployment gets higher. It is called socialism. When you have more folks dependent on govt than folks who are actually working to support that govt, you turn into Greece. And we know what happens when you take away freebies from folks. They uprise against the govt. Of all the wars that the Dems invented they forgot about one. The war that happens between people when you divide them. A very bad way to run a country. History proves it.

Excuse me states like California where cities are declaring bankruptcy the state has a $16 billion deficit...the police and fire depts are facing layoffs, the unemployment rate is much higher and they have to raise taxes in spite of already sky high taxes..Aren't those in fact insane proposals, shameful and a "tanking of this country" as you put it??? Apparently, thats a good model, and NH is a bad model. Up is down ..right is left.

Now SCO, cut it out. We know that the only real occupations that count in this world are policemen, firefighters and teachers. The rest of the jobs are irrelvant. That person developing the next vaccine to cure a disease? No, they are selfish because they make so much compared to the firefighter. That person working for a corporation, directing the business and creating jobs for 10,000 people, he or she needs to pay more taxes so that the firefighters, policemen and teachers can work their 40 weeks and not feel pressured to do more or take on more. California, is on the brink. It would probably be better if it broke off and sank into the Pacific. I travel there every couple of weeks and people are totally frustrated but they are outnumbered by groups of people dependent on the government, minorities, special interest groups. I love how progressives talk about investing in education. In my lifetime that is all that we have done and what do we have to show for it. If we just had a little more money, a few more teachers, a new building, if.....if........if........if has garnered us NOTHING! Progressives are so emotionally attached to the social equity and social issues that they don't get how anything works, much less the economy.

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