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Letter: Get out of town

Tuesday’s election results reflected a return to sanity for New Hampshire politics, sending a strong get-out-of-town message to the Tea Party. The only notable exception I noticed was Mont Vernon, where they chose to re-elect Bill O’Brien to the House.

Now, we can only hope that the new Legislature has the good sense to select a rational leader for the upcoming session, putting Billy the Bully in the time-out corner where he belongs. His brand of politics has no place in New Hampshire, or anywhere else in America, for that matter. We’re sick and tired of being the laughing stock of the nation due to O’Brien’s antics.



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Well Ron, how do you feel about Obama the bully? What about Pelosi the bully? Or Terie Norelli who was a bully as leader of the house? Was Kuster not a "bully", grabbing things out of peoples hands? Finally, the Monitor folks are bullies and they have the bully pulpit. Hey, Hodes was a "bully" did you support him? I think so.

Wow! I guess this poster pretty much confirms what the left believe. And I dare to say that belief does not include compromise. I feared if this President got another 4 years that his supporters would see it as a way to continue what they have been doing for the last 4 years. Divide and conquer. The hypocrisy continues. Talk compromise and then trash the folks who disagree with you. That will do nothing to promote compromise and as a result will acomplish nada. That my friends is more of the same that we have had for the last 4 years.

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