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Letter: Embarrassing election

As a lifelong Republican I am embarrassed and disappointed at Tuesday’s election results.

From the 2008-12, the election pendulum has been swinging wildly. Riding a wave of hope and change, President Obama led a Democratic landslide in 2008. Reacting to uncontrolled fiscal excess by national and state Democrats, voters used a tsunami of discontent to sweep Republicans back to power in 2010. Now, reacting to Republican excess on social issues, the red tide has receded as quickly as it rose.

In an election of particularly vile and misleading ads, Democrats from the president on down were able to demonize Republicans as uncontrolled and uncaring, a perception enhanced by the O’Brien factor. By arrogantly pushing his social agenda, the House speaker managed to push the Republicans’ remarkable fiscal success into the background and gave face to the demon most voters reject.

I fear that another four years of the president’s fiscal policies will bring America to the brink of bankruptcy, but I pray I am wrong.

I worry that over the next four years American will continue to substitute entitlements for personal responsibility, but I pray that I am wrong.

Nevertheless, I congratulate the victors and celebrate this election as an America triumph for two reasons. The success of any democracy depends on an active, involved electorate, and the overwhelming voter turnout is a testament to faith in our system. More important, we celebrate yet another vindication of our founding fathers faith in self government. In America, our decisions are made with ballots, not bullets. So putting our disappointments aside, we cherish over 200 years of what people in China, Russia and Iran can only wish for and what people in Syria, Egypt, and Libya are dying for.



Legacy Comments3

wrong on several points. This election didnt even match the 2004 or 2008 election. And we are not on the verge of bankruptcy...we are broke now.

Romney got 3 million less votes than McCain and if I read it right, Obama got twice that number less than he did in 2008. We are broke and they keep on passing funding for more programs. Congress and this president are delirious.

Great Letter. When you get elected on an agenda of demonizing and dividing us by class, gender and religion, it is embarassing. The media has played a huge part in all of this. What they have not informed us about is huge. Akin to dumbing down America with information they need to figure out what is actaully going on being hidden and replaced with division. I imagine the world is sitting by and watching a once united country that was basically in the middle, had the common sense to realize we can solve our problems and work together so all benefit, is now just history. The change that this President promised along with the transparency was just that a promise. Instead we have a country divided. One side wants the old US that believed in capitalism and the American Dream, and the other side wants socialism and big govt. I fear that it will get worse before it gets better. But the time it takes to turn it around will inflict more hard times on us sadly.

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