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Blame Republicans’ defeat on the Tea Party

Now that the people have spoken, what have they told us about our political system?

The answer is simple. The Tea Party is the problem.

If nothing else, this election cycle has been a referendum on the corporate-funded, astro-turf movement that seems to misunderstand the Constitution, the very document that it wraps itself in.

Across the country, candidates who aligned themselves with this group went down in defeat. In New Hampshire, U.S. Rep. Charlie Bass – a one-time moderate Republican – courted the Tea Party crowd and lost to Democrat Annie Kuster. Perennial political loser Ovide Lamontagne claimed he would be “Scott Walker on steroids” and now he has the distinction of losing yet again, this time to moderate Democrat Maggie Hassan, a protegée of Gov. John Lynch.

On the national stage, several Gadsden-flag-waving candidates got into hot water with their clueless comments on rape, abortion and other issues important to women. They went against the concept of limited government that the Tea Party supposedly cares so much about by demanding that government take control of women’s bodies – and paid the ultimate price at the polls.

Most embarrassing for the GOP: The Democrats seemed to have a crystal ball regarding the Tea Party’s poisonous effect. Claire McCaskill used her own money to purchase ads about Republican Todd Akin during the Republican primary highlighting his positions that appealed to GOP voters – because she knew that he would be the easiest candidate to beat.

In the presidential race, I still believe as I did during the GOP primary that the one man who could’ve beaten President Obama was Jon Huntsman. He was the furthest thing from a Tea Party candidate that the GOP had. Huntsman is an intelligent, moderate, reasonable, experienced politician with a track record of economic success and a penchant for putting country before party. And he even believes in global climate change!

For all this he was ridiculed by the other Republican presidential candidates during the primary. In the end, the GOP went with the chameleon from Massachusetts who reinvented himself yet again for the 2012 campaign as a hard-right, socially conservative Tea-Party type. We all know how well that worked for him. 

My hope for the Republican Party is that its two-year love affair with the Tea Party is over. Everything they stand for has been disproved. Obama is not going to take anyone’s guns away.

The founders – contrary to what the Tea Party says – were not anti-government. Freedom, it turns out, extends to a woman’s right to an abortion – thanks to Roe v. Wade. 

In the aftermath of the national Tea Party debacle, I predict that Republicans like Huntsman will reemerge as the core of the Republican Party. Perhaps then they can once again compete as a legitimate party in our political process.

(Dan Williams of Concord is a professional musician and educator.)

Legacy Comments26

Asians have always been ahead of the US in education, technology etc. I do not think that has anything to do with health care. If you take that stance, than unions would have the top of line folks working in them. The Asian difference is education. And to some extent the fact that Asians are more family oriented and involved with their kids more than the US. I am not saying that Americans are not involved with their kids, I am saying that Asians are involved with their kids in regards to education, manners, respect etc. I lived in Asia and I know that the folks I came in contact with raised children that were happy, respectful and incredibly well behaved. They also hornored their elderly. They saw their elderly as folks who had a lot to pass on to their kids and them. The respect for the elderly in Asia was amazing. I am not surprised we have webmasters that stink here. We cannot even get our kids up to par with reading, math and spelling. Just watch a national Spelling Bee on tv and see who wins. Very rarely is it an American. Truth is that we have a very bad work ethic here. Talk to anybody who has a business and wants to hire. The applicants come in with demands about what they will do and will not do. It is not that simplistic. Just like education here in the US is not failing for one reason. Lots of reasons. But the problem is that the left thinks they can spend their way out of any problem. History proves that does not work. The War on Poverty is a good example that injecting more money into that program failed. It is about good programs, which the govt has no clue how to run.

Geeze Earthling, whats the deal with your Sunday paper not being delivered? I am sure that is getting old for you. Sounds like cost cutting has affected delivery also. If the price for the folks who deliver has been decreased, chances are you are either getting a lot of turnovers with drivers, or just folks who are not so into what they are doing. This website screams low budget. If it is this bad for the readers, can you imagine how bad it is for the folks who work at the CM. Not Good management. Too bad we do not have another newspaper here in Concord. Maybe that will happen down the road. When your the only game in town, you really do not have to have high standards. Folks read a newspaper for a lot of reasons, and the CM has had the luxury of offering a newspaper that many folks feel is not up to par. Only took me 7 tries to get on this morning.

Do you suppose a firm like Bain Capital took over NNE about 2 weeks before the election? If so, I wonder if they will be building a stage outside pretty soon. Webmasters are probably a dime a dozen in China, where employer costs are lower because Republicans here don't understand the cost saving of national health care.

Web Sites cost a lot. You can expect snags, but a lot of snags is not a good sign. The site is not being updated. We see old stories. I finally figured out how to log on but it takes tricks. Very frustrating. I have called and E mailed several times. Don't bother. You will get no help. Sometimes when you go with the lowest bid, you get a bad product.

Supposedly it will be fixed. I just hope we get back our ability to edit, paragraph and have our own Avatar.

I suspect they have some VERY serious problems. The other day a woman from the Monitor called me, and offered weekly delivery of the Monitor for the price of the Sunday Monitor. She was shocked when I said no thanks. I may be wrong, but something is amiss when the website has not been updated for 4 days. If its not "money" (subscriptions and ads) I'd be very surprised.

My bet is that the folks at the CM don't like their Newspapers of New England cost cutting site format either. Seems likely to me that NNE may have had to cut costs because the online price was set too high for bringing in enough new subscribers to boost top line revenue. Who in their right mind would have priced online only higher than online with Sunday delivery? Half price (or lower) for online only would make more sense for a starting point. But now, with a website downgrade to run of the mill, would enough onliners want to subscribe? I'm wondering if any CM webmasters who may have designed the prior excellent format might all be a bit depressed now about having to deal with the mess that has apparently been forced on them. I'm also wondering why my Sunday paper hasn't been delivered for a few weeks now.

Interesting theory. I do know someone who used to work there that sold ads and it is tough going. Although, noting the ads here online it seems as if they have no issue getting ads for the website; even if many are pop up, aggravating ads like Pimsleur or the Refi which stay on after you close the browser. Again, I am not sure who the business manager or chief strategist is at the Monitor, but, perhaps if they attempted to be more to more people, they could be a leader instead of a struggling, ideological newspaper more interested in news manipulation than balanced coverage.

Boy does this website stink. We are stuck commenting on stale columns. Very Boring. Does the Monitor think this is an improvement?

I hope that they are going to fix it. Have you noticed that they are not commenting on how it is working. I have a website and to be honest, they screwed it up when it was redesigned, however in three days it was fixed. This site now is more like Time or Newsweek. The fact that you can't log on without performing voodoo is pretty frustrating.

Greed at this point for most fair minded thinking folks needs to be put in perspective. We have the worker bees and the non worker bees. The worker bees provide for the folks who do not work. At some point the worker bees decide that working is not all it is cracked up to be. Especially when they see their paychecks get smaller and smaller. So they decide to become nonworker bees. The only problemo with that is we run out of money because more worker bees stop working. So at that point we have no revenue stream. Then we have a society that is so dependent on a govt that is broke, the govt starts to cut off the benies and the folks revolt. At that point folks we are Greece. I do believe we are headed for another 4 years of disaster. It is obvious the left wants to push more spending. Business will face more taxes and mandates from the EPA. That means all business small and big. And guess who will suffer the most? Not the rich, middle class and low income. You pay a price for dependency. And you encourage folks to keep asking for more.

Boy! Did you hit the nail on the head. We are not that far away from Greece and progressives, as evidenced in their editorial calling for the legislature to focus on repealing everything that the last legislature passed is just one example. Einstein rightfully pined that doing the same thing and expecting to get different results is the definition of insanity. Yet, they want to go backward and put us back into debt. The real issue is that people no longer celebrate accomplishment, hard work, drive, ambition, building a better life, etc. Many are happy to just survive and expect that others will pick up the slack. I love it when people complain about how hard they work and they work for the state for 37 hours per week or work a straight 40 hour work week, what a sad existence. Most people I know work 50 hours per week if they are on salary, some work more. They may make $10,000-$30,000 more than a public employee but they work the hours to earn it. People set their own priorities in life and if you want to take it easy and work a single tasking job with minimal responsibility, then you should be financially rewarded at that level. Pay for value and performance is how it should be. Now we have a movement about pay for how valuable a person is to social justice. It is sickening.

Everyone guess where the worst president ever is today: In NY or NJ helping out with Hurricane Damage, No. Working with members of congress to prevent going over the fiscal cliff, No. Working with businesspersons to get people back to work, No. He is at the golf course, what a piece of work: So because Obama is a self centered, egotistical, lazy stuffed shirt all democrats must be self centered, egotistical, lazy stuffed shirts.

Wrong Dan. Perhaps the radical teacher's union thinks Obama is a moderate but he is not. Obama's constant attack ads on medicare, and the free stuff handouts is tough to beat. It is hard to beat Santa Claus. The Obama get out the vote campaign was top notch. I volunteered to worked for Romney but never got a e-mail back to say where and when I was needed. The Romney Orca data mining system was a big failure. On the Obama side the Obama campaign knew what their supporter's favorite TV show was and what their favorite music was. Dan if you are talking about big corporate involvement look at Google. Anyone who thinks that Google didn't play a big roll in Obama's victory is just fooling themselves. With all the stuff that Obama held back until after the election I can't wait to get my don't blame me I voted Romney bumper sticker.

Exactly gran8stater, it is hard to beat Santa Clause but think about this. Union workers supported Obama out of their own self interest, state and federal workers both supported Hassan and Obama out of their own self interest. Teachers supported Obama out of their own self interest. Teachers in particular, tell us that "it if for the children" but that is not the majority, the union, they have, like unions and state and federal workers a "what's in if for me" attitude. Then, turn that around and they call taxpayers, Tea Party folks, Republicans and conservatives greedy and selfish. In reality this was the nastiest election in history. Romney was brutalized by Obama and he did not respond. Obama created the 'war on women' and as we see, the naive and uniformed fell for it. Biden told blacks that Republicans were going to put them "back in chains". The Obama ground game was stronger than the Romney campaign and Obama got more Latino votes with 8% in 2008 to 10% in 2012.......Romney focused on the economy.....yet through a Goebbels like propaganda campaign Obama was effective in continuing to point the finger of blame at Bush. It is true that most Obama supporters voted for him for three reasons: 1) self interest, 2) hope for free stuff and 3) out of ideology. Corporations did not make a difference in this election as both sides had huge corporate sponsors. What we need to do is get those supporters to create a PR, marketing campaign starting now to informed the uninformed and the gullible voters who fall for the press and fall for the rhetoric.

Yes you are right TakeTheCountryBack Obama voters are all about self gratification they could care less about the future of the country.

I have to disagree somewhat with this column. Married women, those who are able to make a commitment and as one major journalist commented, those who: "think from the neck up" overwhelmingly voted for Romney. Yes, society is changing and there is a resurgence of "if it feels good, DO IT!" attitude in the sexual world. They want the rest of us to pay for their act of passion. Personally, I have NO issue with contraception being paid for by insurance companies and I have NO issue with a woman having a abortion if she so chooses, if she is willing to live with that. The war on women was carefully orchestrated by Obama from the moment he made the announcement about contraception. It speaks volumes about the man and his ethics. He fooled millions of sexually active women who want something for nothing. But this election was about many things beyond a woman's body. Many factors impacted the election from Hurricane Sandy to Romney's refusal to rebut faux ads about his time at Bain to his refusal to attack Obama as he was being attacked, viciously. It also speaks to greater society which has lost respect for ambition, drive, self achievement, individual accomplishment, etc and has exchanged that for "what's can government do for me". It has never been clearer that JFK would be a right winger today. Kennedy said: "ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." We are now a culture of "ask not what you can do for yourselves, ask what government can do for you". I spoke with four Hispanic folks this week. Two voted for Romney and two voted for Obama. All four said it had NOTHING to do with immigration policy and that they came here legally and find it unfair that others cheat and might get amnesty. The two who voted for Obama did say that they can now "get free health care". That says a lot.

Huntsman is pro life, pro Right to Work, and a rich Mormon. The Obama attack ads would only have to have Romenys name edited to Huntsman. Running as a Republican, with the same party platform, Dan apparently believes that team Obama would have changed their strategy. Dan may have voted for Huntsman. I would have. Would the swing states?? Doubtful.

Great column Dan ! AROOOOOOOOOGAAAAAAAAAA !!!!! That is the sound some of the conservatives we know are making as they hit the Klaxon and dive for deep water!

Like the deep water in NY and NJ that Obama just went in for a photo op and play footsies with Chris Christi. People are begging for help and the government does next to nothing. This is Obama's Katrina but the liberal media has turned their back on the people who need help because there is a democrat in the White House. I can't wait for the day when the tide turns and democrats hit the Klaxon screaming there is no more government free stuff there is no more government free stuff AROOOOOOOOOGAAAAAAAAAA we are going to have to work again AROOOOOOOOOGAAAAAAAAAA.

I knew you couldn't stay away;)

Well Driver, The tide has changed. There's always a winner and a loser and the winner gets to write history as they see it. The losers should man up and revise their leanings so the message is to the people not the party. Their ears are red now but over time they'll realize their message of greed and more greed is for the minority, not the majority. People are hurting right now and these fictitious tax break for the rich platform they ran on should be the first thing up for debate.

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." Hard to do when you get a steel needle pushed through your skull at 8 months and your brain sucked out. And although there is some truth to your column, I will point out that Scott Brown, a true moderate was voted out in favor of a true far left loon.

Keep trying to rent space in the OB/GYN office with women. As Dan pointed out it worked out so well for you with women voters. Nhdriver

Hmmm...why is it Romney won the married womens vote? What do they know that single women don't???

Painting all Republicans with a broad brush and automatically pronouncing guilt by association is dirty politics. It is going to be fun to give the democrats a taste of their own medicine in 2014. Romney was too much of a gentleman to fight the democrats with their own slop.

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