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Letter: Beat that!

Re: “Voter turnout hits 75.3 percent” (Monitor Local & State page,
Nov. 8):

Concord has thrown the gauntlet down, bragging that its voter turnout was 75.3 percent. Alton can beat that.

When the polls opened on Nov. 6, the list of registered voters stood at 3,800. Walk-in new voters during the day increased the list of eligible voters to 4,122. When the Alton polls closed at 7 p.m., the number of ballots cast were 3,416. That translates into 82.9 percent.

What voting district in New Hampshire can top 82.9 percent?

Let the contest begin!


Alton Bay

Legacy Comments1

One thing is for certain, all the demonizing from the liberals and the Concord Monitor ( redundant, I know) about Voter ID discouraging people to vote was a lie. The proof, as they say, was in the pudding. Don't let them lie again without calling them on it. For proof, use the 2012 NH voter turnout.

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