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Letter: Untangling Obamacare

Have you read every page of the Affordable Health Care Act? Betsy McCaughey, Ph.D, has.

She took it upon herself to read every page of this legalese nightmare, otherwise known as Obamacare, and distill it down in terms that anyone can understand. Decoding The Obama Health Care Law: What You Need to Know is available for $5.95 on Amazon for Kindle users.

If you are ecstatic because you will still be covered for pre-existing conditions and having your kids stay on your policy until they are 26, the only thing anyone seems to mention, then you will be in for quite a shock.

The financial burden on businesses is staggering. It is no wonder there will be huge layoffs. Forget about businesses wanting to expand, this law gives them every reason to not want to even bother. The administrative process alone will be staggering.

If women, or anyone, want to scream they have a right to what happens to their bodies, this law should make you scream even louder. On the Medicaid side, it will explode this already bloated program.

Of course, if you choose to depend on the government for every aspect of your life and just want to give up even trying to maintain a bit of self-esteem, you will love this book.

I could go on, but you need to read it for yourself. Even Matt Damon and George Clooney couldn’t make a movie based on this book that could spin it anyway than what it is.



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