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Letter: Desperate panderer

Re “N.H. GOP wonders what went wrong” (Monitor front page, Nov. 10):

If Republicans in New Hampshire and elsewhere want to figure out what went wrong on Nov. 6, they might want to watch Mitt Romney’s acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention. Romney’s decision to crack jokes about climate change during a year of extreme and expensive weather events revealed him to be a desperate panderer, willing to abandon his previous views at the drop of a hat to placate the far right.

Americans want a leader, not a follower, and they voted for a leader in President Obama, who understands “the destructive power of a warming planet.”


Brockton, Mass.

(The writer is a member of the Boston chapter of Citizens Climate Lobby.)

Legacy Comments1

Devon could not be more correct...except as to the date when things went wrong. That occurred on a November day in 2008, when we elected a man that led us down a path of fiscal irresponsibility and devastation. So what do we do in 2012, we did the same a congress that is still republican (the same republicans that continue down the same path), a senate controlled by the same moron that has been in charge of the last four year fiscal disaster and to top it off we re-elect the same idiot as president who says that the recession is over(October 2012 unemployment went up), October 2012's cash outlays exceeded revenue intake by $160 BILLION, admits that his shovel ready jobs program wasn't so shovel ready and has no real plan to change any policy from the last four years! I for one, am a bit skeptical about having President Obama lead me anywhere....aren't you?

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