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My Turn: Give up on SB 2 in Sanbornton? No way!

Regarding the Concord Monitor editorial suggesting that everyone just give up trying to get SB 2 accepted in Sanbornton (“Enough already in Sanbornton,” May 20), I must protest.

The gist of the editorial was that after 13 years on the ballot, SB 2 has not been chosen, and proponents should back off. The message is: You have been defeated, so enough already – give up, put your tail between legs, slink away and don’t bother bringing it up again.

Town meeting is supposed to represent old-fashioned values and community. Yet the Monitor’s suggestion is the antithesis of good fellowship and good sportsmanship, i.e. being good winners and good losers. While offering a back-handed olive branch by suggesting that Sanbornton tailor the meeting to meet the needs of additional participants, the “in your face” implication almost suggests that the Monitor might have some sort of ax to grind. Odd, since it is the “Concord” Monitor. At any rate, it is certainly not appearing to be a good winner, is it?

This is a posture usually associated with bullies and dictators. The very idea of a defeatist mentality makes me sick. It wasn’t the way I was raised, and it certainly isn’t the way living in a free country should be. And it is certainly not an acceptable concept to teach our younger generations.

Consider what might have happened if defeat had been regarded as a fait accompli during the great wars of our time: the Revolution, the Civil War, World War I and World War II. We probably would all be speaking with British accents – or worse, we wouldn’t be speaking any form of English at all!

The saying goes, if you don’t succeed, try try again. The Monitor’s spin on it? If you don’t succeed, just give up. Hopefully anyone working toward change in Sanbornton, or anywhere else, has enough intelligence and good sense to not pay any attention to such drivel.

Give up? Sorry, not gonna happen!

(T.K. Whalen lives in Sanbornton.)

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