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Letter: False narrative

On Nov. 9 the Fox roundtable show The Five reported on the sentencing of Mark Bassely Youssef, creator of the inflammatory film Innocence of Muslims. The film incited violent protests in more than 20 countries as it depicted Mohammad as a religious fraud, pedophile and womanizer.

Among the actions attributed to this film were: an estimated 45 deaths; planned terrorism by a group in Jakarta which was spoiled when the police arrested 11 individuals and confiscated a number of bombs; protesters in Faluja demanding expulsion of the U.S. ambassador from Iraq. U.S. military bases and embassies were targeted by rock-throwing crowds, which battled with police and left burning cars in their wake.

Notwithstanding these facts, The Five misrepresented information about the situation simply to demean the Obama administration. They stated that the only reason Youssef was in jail was because Hillary Clinton had him arrested. They also insinuated that there was not any real violence instigated by the film.

Greg Gutfield led off reporting the Obama administration was “pushing the ludicrous premise that this unseen movie somehow caused atrocities.” Gutfield further stated: “There was no spontaneous reaction to the film “and that Youssef is in jail because the “president wrongly blamed him,” Youssef is the “first citizen to be jailed for art” and finally “it is now time to free the poor sap.” Dana Perino responded “That was brilliant.”

It is shameful that the right media perpetuates such false narratives.



Legacy Comments3

This is simply not true. What is more important is what happened in Benghazi, which was not caused by this so called "inflammatory" video.......few people viewed it. It is the Obama failed foreign policy that is to blame. I can't believe that the sycophants are still carrying the water for Obama after they won (a narrow) election (with no mandate).

Does anyone think that if it wasn't for Obama covering up his lie that Mark Bassely Youssef would be in jail. Clinton was still pushing the lie when she met with the 4 Brave Americans that were killed in Libya because Obama had to protect his backside before the election. Only a few people believed that lie that these 4 Brave Americans that were killed in Libya died because of a stupid film. They died because terrorism they died because they were Americans. Just because the loser in the White house called the Fort Hood Radical Islamic Hate crimes work place violence because he is covering up for Radical Muslims doesn't mean that it isn't terrorism. Obama is an embarrassment and how low America has to go before we realize that no one knows.

Sorry when Clinton met with the family of the 4 Brave Americans. This stupid website doesn't even let you edit.

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