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Letter: Erroneous attack

Senior GOP senators in Washington have decided to launch a vicious attack on Ambassador Susan Rice because she is under consideration for appointment as secretary of state. Sens. Lindsey Graham and John McCain have announced that they will do everything in their power to block the elevation of Rice (if she is chosen by the president), because she had the gall to report on TV what she had been told by the CIA about the fatal attacks in Benghazi, Libya.

It’s bad enough to see two Republican men launch an erroneous attack on an African-American woman who, as ambassador to the United Nations, had nothing to do with what happened in Libya. Attacks by Republican men based on gender and race have become too commonplace. What was particularly upsetting to see was New Hampshire’s junior senator, Kelly Ayotte, right up there in front of the cameras with Graham and McCain, offering her support.

Does Ayotte think New Hampshire just voted for more bullying attacks on decent, capable people like Rice? That wasn’t the message I heard on Nov. 6. Maybe she could disassociate herself from this kind of wretched hatchet work, and spend more time trying to fix the problems that actually confront us.



(The writer is a Democratic National committeeman for New Hampshire.)

Legacy Comments3

Really? I would expect that at that level of the government, her job is do do a whole lot more than "report on TV what she had been told by the CIA". She should have a independent understanding of the situation and should have done her own homework. It's the press secretary's job to regurgitate the talking points they've been given. It's the Secretary of State's job to think for herself and be intelligent. Blindly reading from the prepared statement is way beneath the job she has and the job they're considering for her.

You got that right SCO. I guess for the next 4 years we can expect more divide. Never occured to this writer that folks want answers. We have had four of our own killed in an Embassy. These folks requested over and over for more security. The adminstration is trying to come up with lame excuses every day to hide what went on. Each explanation leads to another explanation that makes no sense. We saw the same routine with Fast & Furious, When you have to use race and gender cards, that speaks volumes. I wonder if folks will ever wake up to the fact that the media and this administration is doing their best to keep them uninformed. We are in for another 4 years of divide and conquer. Very sad.

"Attacks by Republican men based on gender and race have become too commonplace." You know what has become too commonplace? The left accusing republicans of racism. I saw the CBC women attack McCain and accuse him of being a racist. They were laughing. These people are unserious kooks who remind me of the propaganda ministers in Germany. Note to Burling and the left....I saw a "senator" criticizing a "UN ambassador". You see white guy attacking black woman. How can we as a county move past race and gender issues if you keep bringing it up???

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