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Letter: Send a message to big-box retailers

On the one day that is set aside for families to share each other’s worlds, we are told by the big-box stores to eat fast and go shopping. Unfortunate family members who work retail may not get to sit at the table at all; they have to get to work.

Why do we have to follow the rules the stores are making? On sale from 4-6, one day only, door-buster sales, etc. Do we need this stress?

We should all step back and look at what they have turned us into. It isn’t pretty: people getting trampled to buy a TV or camping out in the cold like homeless for the best price.

Let’s all make an effort to celebrate Thanksgiving like it was meant to be. Sit and chat with everyone at your table. Find out how they feel, what’s new in their lives. Some of them may not be there next Thanksgiving; don’t waste an opportunity to be part of their lives now. Sit down, relax, eat, laugh, reminisce and let everyone participate. Don’t send them off to work.

We all know Christmas is coming every year. Start shopping early, and you won’t need to go on Thanksgiving Day. There are sales all year round.

Let’s take charge and show them when we want to shop. It isn’t Thanksgiving Day. They’re taking the spirit of Christmas away from us and we’re letting them!


Center Barnstead

Legacy Comments3

and what will those who shop on Thanksgiving be buying? CHRISTMAS gifts! LOL.......really now. People demanded WalMart to lower their prices and now they are getting mad that they are selling them on certain days???? Maybe Obama can execute and executive order stopping such madness!

It is called supply and demand. We have stores on Main Street with limited inventories, and as a result have to charge more for their products to stay alive. Then you have WalMart etc. They buy in volumes so they can offer lower prices. And those chains offer more services now also, supermarkets, hair salons, eye doctors etc. Why would folks go to a pharmacy and pay a 30 dollar co pay when they can go to Walmart and pay 4 bucks? I shop local, but I can afford to. I think local gives you better service and a nicer atmosphere. If someone is on a fixed budget, and they want that big screen TV for a gift for Christmas, they will go get it at 4 am at 40% off. Not they they want to, their income dictates they have to.

Shop Local !!!!!!!! And if you cant,, Find on web stores that support their workers with insurance and benefits !!!!!! I did !!!!!!! THAT IS PATRIOTISM FOLKS !!!!!........................................NHD, Duke & Charlie !!!

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