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Letter: Romney got it right

Re “Romney still doesn’t get it” (Monitor Opinion page, Nov. 16):

I can’t believe that the writer doesn’t get it. Mitt Romney was just telling it like it is when he discussed how President Obama’s supporters voted for him because they wanted something for themselves.

With the exception of wealthy liberals, who want our administration to tax the middle and affluent classes to death in order to keep up unnecessary spending and appease their own guilt toward the poor, most of Obama’s voters were indeed special-interest groups. They were made up of women activists, minorities, union members, and the usual assortment of people who never feel our country extends enough “rights.”

If Obama voters had been interested in the common good, they would have insisted on a leader concerned about moving this country as a whole out of its economic crisis. Instead they opted for the quick and exclusive gratification that a vote for Obama promised to achieve. Andrew Sullivan’s holier-than-thou remark about Romney’s insulting the intelligence and good faith of Americans is a pathetically maudlin smokescreen, like so many other claims by liberals. They are sent out like missiles to distract Americans from considering universal issues and the candidates’ agenda.


Sugar Hill

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Please throw Mittson on the scrap heap of history with the AMC Pacer! Nuff Said !

lol...the scrap heap of history...The Pacer, Mitt, and the US economy. In that order.

SCO, these folks are not interested in fairness and the economy, they are interested in shared misery, however.

Great letter Teri. Unfortunately this country is being led by folks who want socialism. They deny it, but there is no doubt that is their goal. The way to achieve that is to play Santa and convince the folks that the opposing party is greedy, heartless and the bad guy. The other aspect is to keep them uninformed. What ever happened to jobs and the economy? We are seeing daily the results of the war on business. Companies in the business of creating medical products are being hit with a tax. They are laying of employees. Folks are waiting for the big taxes from ACA. Medical Providers will not be able to take on folks on Medicare and Medicaid. Already happening in the Lakes Region. You can chalk it up to incompetence, or you can assume it is deliberate and a very well though out plan to grow a bigger govt. Anybody who does not understand that the ACA is going to eventually kill all private insurance needs to do their homework. Those of us that have experienced govt run health care in the military know how the care is. Believe me it is not very good.

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