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Mike Marland, Nov. 21, 2012

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Please check out this link to see the new face of the democrat party: Using democrat logic if one democrat is a convicted fraud than all democrats are convicted frauds. I am wondering if this story will ever make its way into the Pravda on the Merrimack? If this was a Republican this would be front page top of the fold in the Monitor with the headline: Republicans Elect Convicted Felon, there would be a editorial on how corrupt Republicans are and there would be a weeks worth of Marland related cartoons. But because Stacie Laughton is a left wing democrat this will swept under the rug but we the people will remind you. Democrats Elect Convicted Felon.

I expect democrats to stand by her, and deflect any criticism by calling anyone drawing any attention to this a "transgenderist".

Oh yes, and because she (he) is an ex-con, we might be accused of being a convictivist or of convictophobia.

I'll be thankful for a dose of Democrat medicine - balanced approach to deficit reduction, cleaner energy, maybe even single payer - all good medicine for America - as opposed to the job outsourcing, credit carding, war mongering, economy crashing, TARP creating, bankster hugging, tax cut cry babying, woman controlling, religious right fanatical, ultrasound probing, union busting, voter suppressing Republican medicine.

Earthling you are a riot. Deficit reduction with Obama. With Obama's excessive spending to the tune of 1.5 Trillion per year their is no balanced approach. When I was talking about taste of their own medicine I was talking about the democrats guilt by association tact will be turned on the democrats. When 1 democrat says something stupid they all said something stupid. Lets face it there are some very very stupid democrats out their. Especially the democrats science specialist Sheila Jackson-Lee who thinks America had landed astronauts on Mars.

"Lets face it there are some very very stupid" people "out their" "Using democrat logic if one democrat is a convicted fraud than all democrats are convicted frauds". "their is no balanced approach". Then is there something we could do to better educate ourselves as to what is going wrong, and/or right, with our country, and what paths would put us back on track. For example, maybe try to break down the $16T into an outline of material amounts that add up to $16T, in order to understand the problem? - Then use that data and information to brainstorm and formulate solutions. I don't like gridlock any better than you do. I think we need big ideas, fast, for solutions - didn't hear many in the last campaign. Without an imbalanced approach at this point, favoring revenue increase, I think the tax cut/interest expense debt snowball, starting with Reagan and culminating in most of our debt problem today, is likely to cripple us and turn the future very dark and dismal for the world. The wealthy need to step up, as they have historically when America needed them to, and take much more responsibility for resolving our debt/fiscal cliff crisis now and for a few years until the extremely high yield 30 year Treasuries mature.

Unfortunately the Obama campaign and his lackeys in the liberal media used this unbalanced approach like a club and beat Romney like a drum with it. Now what you said in the last 2 paragraphs in your comments is very impressive (but it didn't start with Reagan but with LBJ who started stealing from the SS trust fund).

Democrats are going to get a taste of their own medicine in 2014 & 2016.

Just like they did in 2010 - that worked really well for the Republican party and the people of NH, didn't it?

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