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Letter: Keep us out of the killing business

Re “Does killing Addison honor Briggs?” (Monitor Forum, Nov. 14):

Thank you for publishing the column by Jonathan Hopkins, who offered a clear, concise summary of why our state should not execute Michael Addison, or anyone else. Count me among the many who do not want my New Hampshire state government to be in the killing business, even if such extreme punishment is deserved.


New London

Legacy Comments5

You baggers are truly evil.

The Democrat way: Look for any way to kill innocent babies with taxpayer funds but make sure low life cop killers live of the taxpayer dole for ever. Michael Addison is a life long criminal and a cop killing murder who was sentenced to death by by his peers and if any elected democrat works to allow this murderer to live needs to be voted out of office. We will be watching.

What a hypocritical comment. If you believe in life, as your comment suggests, then you would believe that every life is worth saving. It would cost the state much less to keep Mr. A alive than to execute him. Vindictive witch hunters have been part of this society since its founding (ie. Salem Witch Trials). And as far as an unwanted parasite goes, it's none of your damn business. If you don't like abortion don't have one. The government doesn't pay for them now. Get your facts straight, Van. The Hyde Amendment prevents that from happening.

"Vindictive witch hunters have been part of this society since its founding (ie. Salem Witch Trials)." Yes....mob rule has been around for a long time. The French Revolution, Occupy Wall Street, the demonstrations at the Wisconsin and NH state houses. All great examples of mob rule.

You forgot The Tea Party.

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