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Letter: Republicans vs. the press

Republicans traditionally support the original intent of the founders, the Constitution and the traditional processes of our republic. For half a century, standing on principle was admired, respected and championed by greater society. Passion for hard work, taking personal responsibility, ambition, achievement, excellence and creating a better life for your family were qualities the majority of citizens aspired to.

Half of society today places little value on those attributes and much less on demanding honesty, accountability and truthfulness from those whom we elect. They opt for the easiest path, trading temporary comfort over what is best for the whole of this country.

Everyone votes for their own self-interest and for the path they feel will get them there. Republicans face a tug-of-war between standing on their principles and attempting to attract a broader cache of voters. Hispanic voters are known to have strong religious beliefs, be very family-oriented and be very hard workers. Other ethnic groups also have much in common with Republicans. There is a bounty of voters out there for Republicans if they can get their message out regularly with mailings, television spots and social media.

That task, will not be easy. A plurality of the American press is obviously populated by folks whose ideological beliefs stand clearly in the way of their intellectual honesty, eclipsing their will to practice fairness in reporting and coverage. The media should be a line of defense for the citizenry, reporting the facts and allowing people to come to conclusions. Unfortunately, few press outlets are that principled.



Legacy Comments2

Agree completely with the role of the press. Stick to the facts. Information not based on fact is merely propaganda. The problem for me with the " new Republican" is that most of the virtues described here seem to take a backseat to the push to legislate values and morals. They talk money and business and jobs but soon are in our lives telling us what is "right" and what they think is wrong.In my family that's our job, not the governments. Make no mistake, the Democrats aren't any different. This is not the role of government and there will be push back from all fronts on that in the future.

It is the goal of the liberal press to viciously malign Republicans and promote liberal lies. Great Letter Bill!!!

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