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Letter: Wind power problems

Re the letter to the editor about a wind farm at Newfound Lake (“Wind power reality check,” Monitor, Nov. 23):

I am all for wind power. But in traveling across the country over the past year, I have learned something interesting about wind turbines. They can freeze up during the winter.

In Minnesota and Michigan, many of the turbines are no longer running because the oil in their mechanism froze up during the winter and the repairs are costly. Also, they are not very efficient, much less than coal or nuclear.

I hope that these issues are being discussed when deciding whether or not to bring them into New Hampshire. I’m sure that the technology is constantly improving.

I will also say that I have seen many of these farms all over the country, and in no way do they detract from the scenic beauty of the area they occupy. I find them quite awe-inspiring.



Legacy Comments1

Not only do they freeze up but they are also known to throw large chunks of ice from time to time. They have in some instances been limited to areas that are well away from areas used in recreation due to the possibility of dropping very large chunks of ice in the surrounding area. They have also are being looked at for the impact they have in effecting the temperature near the ground that they are up stream from as they can mix temperatures in a way that does not occur naturally. They have been shown to be a noise nuisance in rural installations out west with some large tract landowners regretting the decision to lease the small amounts of land required to locate these towers. They could be a viable source of alternative energy but we should proceed with caution with this technology. Mother Nature is already pretty unhappy with us.

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