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Letter: Hateful rhetoric

Re “Israel rains death on Gaza” (Monitor letter, Nov. 23):

We are often subjected to the harsh words of John S. Hancock of Concord on the Middle East, so it was with great relief that I read David Keyes’s article on Gaza and Hamas (“Words are WMDs in Middle East conflict,” Monitor Forum, Nov. 23).

Keyes has factual information about the conflict, and what he has to say is very scary, especially for us who live in this country. Children in the region of Gaza, as well as many other regions in the area, are being indoctrinated with a message to kill Israelis, Americans and any sympathizers, which include fellow Gazans.

There is no negotiating, no possibility of reasoning with people who only want you dead.

I visited Israel last year and wonder if Hancock has done the same. To live in a place where you can stand on many borders and literally feel the breath of your enemy is something that no people want to have to experience.

Would he think it acceptable for Canada to bomb us for years?

Spitting out hateful rhetoric does not further any cause, but maybe that is not his purpose. Maybe it just feels good to hate.



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I notice that John Hancock is strangely silent...... NHD Duke & Charlie

Great letter Sue, Israel is our friend and ally. Radical Islam is our enemy. It is amazing how liberals like Obama coddle Radical Islam when Radical Islam has let us know that we are their enemy. Examples of Obama coddling Radical Islam when he labeled the Fort Hood Massacre that was at the hands of a Radical Muslim and most recently the murders of 4 Americans including 2 brave Navy Seals and 1 American Ambassador where Obama blamed America's freedom of speech and lied to the American people with some lame scheme about some film and a spontaneous mob riot (who happen to have rocket launchers).

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