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Letter: The only fair tax

Thank you, editors of the Concord Monitor, for your courage in publishing the Nov. 26 editorial, “If not an income tax, then what?” An income tax is the only equitable tax and the only way that all of New Hampshire’s children will be guaranteed a good education.



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How is an income tax the only fair tax? It is progressive therefore fair in some circles? Every discussion I have with those that support an income tax they lose their argument with me when we start to discuss how much of the property tax is reduced vs. how much of an impact the income tax has on average NH families. Their tax formulas never work out and it always ends up where the income tax becomes an additional tax and the average family pays more overall tax. Finally, to say that an income tax guarantees a good education is in my mind a foolish statement. Seriously, how? At any point, the NH legislature can change the definition of the minimum requirement for state support per student which doesn't require an income tax. It just means agreement to pay more per student and then find funding. A good place to look for more funding is the DHS which is looking for a 28% increase over its last budget. Take half of that and give it to the kids...........

A fair tax? How about spending less? How about ridding ourselves of boondoggles like the Safe Routes to Schools program? How about rethinking the plethora of social programs that give away everything from food to cellphones to electricity? Why are we giving parents food stamps AND feeding children breakfast, lunch AND dinner at school? According the the NY Times, the number of food stamp recipients is greater than the population of 24 states. Even China has questioned the US culture of social entitlements. The "fiscal cliff" is coming. It's my fervent hope that Dems and Repubs don't reach an agreement. This will force a re-examination of our bloated social programs. I'm all forgiving aid to the helpless. I don't give a fig for the clueless.

If any kind of an added tax is passed it has to do two things: 1) Replace the school portion of the property tax and an amendment needs to be passed which stipulates that property tax needs to never be used again for school funding. 2) It needs to be earmarked specifically for school funding and NOTHING else. An amendment needs to be passed that it can't be added into the general treasury. Then, a few other things needs to happen: 1) The state government needs to audited by an outside agency with time and motion studies, efficiency evaluations, a look at duplicative programs and wasted money. 2) After the audit, we need to cut all waste and overspending on state positions and agencies. 3) We need to pass a balanced budget amendment and stop deficit spending. 4) UNH professors earning $180,000 salaries need to work a full 40+ hour week teaching and lecturing and the adjunct professors, instructors need to be eliminated. It is time that we get what we pay for in this state. The ONLY tax which should be passed should be the SALES TAX with an exemption for food and clothing. The revenue on cars, boats, large purchases would more than cover the difference in property tax revenue.

I think whatever is done for school funding it should be earmarked for education and untouchable by all political factions in the future.

The concept of income tax is a serious flaw; as it actively discourages saving. A much more fair and equitable tax would be across-the-board sales tax. Taking a minute to beat the Democratic drum, those who make more - spend more and thus would pay proportionately more tax. Leaving that drum, a benefit to us all would be to not penalize savings . If personal savings were to become the rule is versus the exception, the problem with entitlements would become less so. However in across-the-board sales tax would only be a workable system if the current insane tax code were replaced. I think politicians who would do away with the irrational current tax code and put in place in across-the-board sales tax that met our budgetary requirements would indeed be heroes for long into history's future.

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