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Letter: Not an improvement

I am very unhappy with the Monitor’s new web pages in the town-by-town section. We lived in New Hampshire for the better part of 70 years and like to keep up on the news pertaining to just a few of the local communities where we used to reside. Now, no matter which of the towns I go to, I get the same thing and then not even as much as was on the old site. I am new at this computer age and maybe am not going about this in the correct way. Give me back the old format!


Thomson, Ga.

Legacy Comments2

I thought they were trying to generate higher advertising fees by counting how many times the website is opened and then showing the improved "visibility" numbers as more people reading it. This is the only website I encounter that keeps freezing up forcing one to reopen it multiple times to read the articles. Not even close to the old format.

Must be a cost savings measure to respond to decreases in subscription revenue. The website is clearly a downgrade.

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