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Hot Topic: Ayotte is smearing ambassador’s reputation

The “Monitor” has received a slew of letters from readers critical of Sen. Kelly Ayotte’s role in questioning U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice about her statements following the attack in Libya. Here’s a sampling:


My husband and I are traveling across this beautiful country as I write, meeting fellow travelers from all over the United States and the world. Once again I find myself apologizing for the behavior of a New Hampshire elected official, since Sen. Kelly Ayotte has chosen to cast her lot with the two angry white men of the Senate.

In answering the oft asked question of why they are doing what they’re doing, one explanation I have offered is that all three thought they’d be looking at Cabinet appointments in Mitt Romney’s administration: State, Defense and attorney general. But alas, that ship has not just sailed; it has sunk. The other motivation is the GOP’s agenda to pressure the White House into nominating Sen. John Kerry for secretary of state, providing an opportunity for Scott Brown to again run for senator from Massachusetts and thereby change the GOP strength in the Senate. In either case, these senators’ actions reflect either personal vindictiveness or a continuation of obstructionist policies that continue to hold our nation hostage.



Stand down, Senator

Poor Sen. Kelly Ayotte. First she spends a good part of the past two years as Mitt Romney’s surrogate, promoting his failure of ideas. Now she is standing beside Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham, asking us to believe the worst about the White House and, in particular, Susan Rice, with regard to the Benghazi tragedy. She is backing the wrong horse again.

Please stand down, Sen. Ayotte. We don’t need this. Rather, please get to work on bills about jobs, the deficit, taxes, energy, entitlements – something that will benefit the country and not advance some political agenda.

As a state and as a nation we have chosen President Obama’s policies over those of the Republicans. It is time to move on and do the people’s business. No more gridlock, no more loyal opposition for political gain – we are tired of this. If you want to be our senator again in 2016, you should take your cue from our senior senator and deport yourself accordingly; she is clearly working for the residents of New Hampshire. Then again, if you are running for a different political office in 2016, then keep making noise. Good luck with that.



Poor judgment

I watched New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte serve as the moderator in a question-and-answer session at the Foreign Policy initiative summit. It was broadcast on C-SPAN.

Was this the proper role for a New Hampshire senator? It was not. She portrayed nothing more than a media personality pursuing a news career. She offered no guidance on foreign policy; Sen. Joe Lieberman did all the talking. Ayotte simply read questions submitted from the audience.

I’m pretty disappointed in the role and judgment of the junior senator from New Hampshire. I’m expecting her to better use her time in Washington representing New Hampshire.



Sen. Annoyance

Sen. Kelly Ayotte seems to have adjusted to the GOP quite easily: red dress at photo ops, center stage at the Republican convention, standing behind someone who did not want to open up a new restaurant because of Obamacare benefits, available for most any photo op.

Now, she is standing with Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham in their push for congressional action on the terrorist attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, while attempting to smear the reputation of Ambassador Susan Rice.

When she gave the weekly GOP address, she said power-sharing is an opportunity, not an obstacle. She noted how President Ronald Reagan and House Speaker Tip O’Neill bridged their differences to save Social Security. How ironic, today, that they are trying to destroy it.

Maybe a more appropriate name would be Sen. Kelly Annoyance.



Racist dog whistles

Sen. Kelly Ayotte told Megyn Kelly of Fox News that her attacks on U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice are not race-based.

Ayotte worked with former governor John H. Sununu on Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign, and many believe Sununu engaged in racist dog whistles, calling President Obama lazy, not very bright and un-American.

Ayotte never objected to Sununu’s disgusting behavior toward Obama. She should do that now. Ayotte should tell New Hampshire children that using racist dog whistles for political advantage is unacceptable and disgusting.



Legacy Comments6

You know the Republicans have hit on gold when the left screams "Racist!!" Keep it up Kelly!!! It is a senators constitutional duty, after all.

To those claiming to know that anyone's opposition to Rice's appointment is racist - how do you explain the fact that when Condoleeza Rice was nominated, Republicans backed her? Is she less black? It's about the qualifications, and Ayotte's job IS to make sure that qualified people get important jobs like this. I hope they ask tough questions of every nominee. It's why we sent them there.

Hmmm..I hear dog must be racist.

Yup President reagan and Tip did bridge their differences. it is called compromise for the common good. Each side gives a little. The thing about compromise is that both parties offer to put something on the table that is a compormise for them. Now we have a president who will not compromise. He will not put on the table anything except his demand to raise taxes. No reforms, nothing. It takes two to compromise.

You are mis-remembering the past. O'Neill and Reagan had a contentious relationship. O'Neill called Reagan "Hoover with a smile" and said he lacked "decency". Reagan paid similar compliments to O'Neill. O'Neill only compromised on SS reform after catching Reagan's effort to cut $2 and half billion from SS to go toward reducing the deficit. O'Neill refused to allow benefit cuts to SS then. Obama has been more than willing to compromise--too willing in my book. Like O'Neill, I think he holds the stronger hand. He should call the Republicans' bluff. Do they really want to abandon all tax cuts for the sake of the top tier's continued tax cuts? Remember: they still get the same cut everyone else does on their first $250,000. It's a matter of fairness. Let the Republicans take us over that symbolic cliff for the sake of the super-rich. The GOP will be exposed for what they've been reduced to--tools of the super-rich, who place their interests above those of the nation and a majority of its citizens. Which is precisely what I think they've been doing for 3 decades.

I fail to see where being lazy, not very bright and possibly unamerican has anything to do with race. One could make the argument that those traits know no color lines.

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