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Letter: Ayotte’s short memory

It has been interesting to read Sen. Kelly Ayotte’s vigorous condemnation of U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice’s alleged “mis-statements” concerning the attack on our embassy in Libya. According to the senator, this makes Rice unfit to be considered for the position of secretary of state.

Ayotte and Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham have very short memories. Do they not remember then-Secretary of State Colin Powell appearing before the United Nations claiming that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and that “we know where they are”? This led to the war in Iraq and the death of over 4,000 Americans. We found out that there were no such weapons and some in the Bush administration knew this, but I do not remember Powell being hounded out of office when the truth came out. I hope the rest of the senators have a better memory when it comes time to consider Rice for another position in the Cabinet.



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Ayotte, McCain, and Lindsay all seemed to have their GOP $Koch addict "troubled" and "troubling" "talking points" memorized pretty well.

"....U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice’s alleged “mis-statements” concerning the attack on our embassy in Libya." Do you mean the alleged "mis-statement" of there being a protest of a video that even she admits was false?

Kelly Ayotte looks like #3 in the Three Stooges taking the place of Joe Lieberman. Standing there with the two angry old white male losers, she looks like a fool. She is an embarrassment to America and New Hampshire. She needs to be made a ONE TERM SENATOR.

Kelly Ayotte is by far the better of our 2 Senators. Jeanne Jeanne the taxing and Spending machine is just a rubber stamp to Obama. It is amazing how democrats distort history. democrats from Bill Clinton to Hillary Clinton to John said that Iraq had WMDS. Hussein used WMDS on his own people. Because we didn't find large quantities of WMDS does not mean Bush lied but the democrat lie machine made it so. Now lets talk about Rice. Rice is just another Obama puppet just like Jeanne Shaheen. Because Hillary didn't want to be put in front the national media and lie for Obama Rice the lackey was put in her place and lied on 5 national news stations to cover up for her incompetent boss.

Ms. "Ponzi Scheme" Ayotte is the better of our 2 senators? ROFL! And despite what your alternative view of reality may tell you, lying about WMDs - as Colin Powell did in front of the UN - did have consequences. Or, I guess those thousands of American troops and those tens of thousands of Iraqi civilains that were killed based upon a lie about WMDs don't count in your view of the world, eh?

I believe Colin Powell was a Republican so there would no gain for themselves personally by bringing that up. Give Kelly a break, she is just trying to get her name nationally used by using a safe topic - someone else.

Jim, playing it safe has been the trademark for Ms. Kelly. Look at her "work" as our state's attorney general. When she had the opportunity to do some real work and real good during the Ponzi Scheme she bungled the job and let the culprits off of the hook. Then when challenged on her incompetent handling of this affair, she blamed other agencies for not doing their work. And the irony is, the conservative, "take personal responsibility for one's actions" crowd are always crowing how wonderful a senator she is and that she is a "rising" star within the GOP.

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