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Letter: Hypocrisy

It never ceases to amaze me the hypocrisy present in party politics. While many of the state GOP. renounce the legitimacy of Rep-elect Stacie Laughton from Nashua, challenging her right to represent her constituents after serving her prison term, they once again elect Rep. Gene Chandler as their House leader.

Chandler was found to have used campaign contributions for years for considerable personal expenses and was issued an ethics charge, which was only that he be denounced by the Legislature with no further consequences. He is now seen again as a model for Republican leadership. Outgoing Speaker Bill O’Brien, hardly a paragon of strong ethics, thinks Laughton “would not be a good profile for the New House of Representatives.” Go figure.



Legacy Comments1

Corrupt politicians seem to be the norm these days. We have the Secretary of the Treasury not paying his taxes, Rangel not paying his taxes, and scores of pols with insider info on bills being passed that benefits their relatives. Corruption knows no party lines.

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