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Letter: Destructive lifestyle

Re “No sex? Permission to speak freely?” (Monitor Forum, Nov. 28):

Laura Cannon has moved from “Jesus obsession” (her words) to sex obsession; from the Kingdom to whoredom; from honor to dishonor. How sad it is to think that the military and our culture might be so swiftly moving to such destructive lifestyles.

Hopefully her perceptions are incorrect, but with the recent revelations of sex scandals at the highest ranks in the military, with the emphasis on sex in the film/TV media, and with the articles in newspapers and magazines being so sexually graphic, and etc., she probably isn’t. May God help us.



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Mr. Blanchard,,,,,,,,,,,,, Listen Carefully....... "Keep your eyes and Jesus out of my enjoyment of Pornography!" got it? We are a free society not a twisted religious Theocracy. If you truly want what you advocate for then move to Iran. ! Please help Close List of economic laws in Iran From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search The list of major laws and legal acts affecting trade in goods and services in Iran:[1] The Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran; The Twenty-Year Vision of the I.R. Iran; The Civil Code; The Commercial Code of the Iranian year 1311 (1922) and its Amendments of 1374 (2005); The 1990 Labour Act (the Iranian year 1369); The Export-Import Regulations Act of the Iranian year 1372 (1993) and its Executive Ordinance of the Iranian year 1373 (2004) together with its subsequent amendments; The Act on the Administration of Free Trade-Industrial Zones of the I. R. Iran of the Iranian year 1372 (1993) and its Revising Act of the Iranian year 1377 (1999); The Third Economic, Social and Cultural Development Plan Act of the Iranian year 1379 (2000); The Fourth Economic, Social and Cultural Development Plan Act of the Iranian year 1383 (2004); The Act on the Revision of the Third Economic, Social and Cultural Development Plan Act and on the Imposition and Collection of Duties and Other Fees from Producers of Goods and Providers of Iranian Goods and Services (better known as the Act on Consolidation of Duties) of the Iranian year 1381 (2002); Annual State Budgetary Acts; The 1991 Act on the Cooperatives Sector of the Economy of the Islamic Republic of Iran (the Iranian year 1370); The 1921 Act on the Registration of Corporations (the Iranian year 1310); The Trademarks and Patents Registration Act of the Iranian year 1310 (1931); The 1958 Amending By-Law of the Trademarks and Patents Registration Act (the Iranian year 1337) The Act on the Protection of the Rights of Authors, Composers and Artists of the Iranian year 1950 (1971), and its executive By-Law; The 1973 Act on the Translation and Reproduction of Books, Publications and Phonograms (the Iranian year 1352); The 2000 Act on the Protection of Rights of Creators of Computer Software (the Iranian year 1379); The 2004 Act on the Protection of Geographical Indications (the Iranian year 1383); The 2003 Act on the Registration of Plant Varieties and Control and Certification of Seed and Plant (the Iranian year1382); The 2003 Electronic Commerce Act (the Iranian year 1382); The 2001 Act on the Promotion and Protection of Foreign Investment (the Iranian year 1380); The 1992 Act on the Revision of the Laws and Regulations of the Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran (the Iranian year 1371); The 1990 Act on the Islamic Republic of Iran Chamber of Commerce Industries and Mines (the Iranian year 1369) The 1987 Act on the State Public Auditing (the Iranian year 1366); The Direct Taxation Act of the Iranian year 1366 (1987) and its subsequent amendments; The 1995 Act on Transportation and Transit of Foreign Goods through the Territory of the Islamic Republic of Iran (the Iranian year 1374); The 1967 Act on Plant Protection (the Iranian year 1346); The 1972 State Monetary and Banking Act (the Iranian year 1351); The 1983 Act on Usury-Free Banking Operations (the Iranian year 1362); The 2005 Act on the Stock Market of the I.R. of Iran (the Iranian year 1384); The 1979 Legislative Bill on Nationalization of Insurance and Credit Institutes (the Iranian year 1358); The 1988 Act on Administration of the Affairs of Insurance Companies(the Iranian year 1367); The 1999 Act on the Revision of the Act on Administration of free Trade-Industrial Zones of the Islamic Republic of Iran (the Iranian year 1378) (regarding the establishment of insurance institutes in free zones); The 2000 Regulations on Establishment and Operation of Insurance Institutes in the Free Trade-Industrial Zones of the Islamic Republic of Iran (the Iranian year 1379) (approved by the Council of Ministers); The 2001 Act on the Establishment of Non-Government Insurance Institutes (the Iranian year 1380); The Act on Customs Affairs of the Iranian year 1350 (1971) and its Executive By-Law of 1351 (1972); The 2003 Act on the Unification of Formalities of Importation and Exportation of Goods and Services (the Iranian year 1382); The 1997 Act on the International Commercial Arbitration (the Iranian year 1376); The 2001 Act on the Articles of Association of the Arbitration Center of Iran Chamber of Commerce Industries and Mines (the Iranian year 1380); The 2001 Act on the Accession of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the Convention on Recognition and Enforcement of Arbitral Awards (the Iranian year 1380). See also Tea Party Foundation !

If we live in such a "free society" come I cant buy a 32 oz soda in NYC???

I hope the day never comes when you "cant buy" a Ring Ding or a Twinkie.

$oros and progressives will always be able to buy Ring Dings and Twinkies, you know, Democrats in Washington. With a Ho Ho in the White Hou$e spending millions to take vacations while the subjects struggle to pay bills day to day, we are truly screwed.

Instead of hurling insults at other posters and discussing non sequiturs (Iranian culture or the Tea Party), you might want to step back a moment and understand some very basic differences between civilian life and military life and life at a defense agency. For instance, if you actually served in our military you might have come across the fact that those who serve are not 9-5 worker bee strangers. Military members, because of their mission are uprooted from their homes (i.e. bases) on a frequent basis. This compels military members to look to other military members and their families for support. Remember that word - family. So having an extramarital in an office is largely a non-affair, since most civilian workers only have, most of the time, a casual relationship with other workers personal lives. But, in the military, nothing is casual, because most military members see each other as family. So an extramarital affair in a military outfit does signify much more than anything in civilian life. One of the main differences is that such an affair can destroy unit cohesion, whether it be a distrust among members of a unit or a loss of confidence in one's commander (think General Allen). And, unlike in civilian life, there are real consequences - the loss of life. The same is also true for defense agencies, such as the CIA, which have the same mission and the same type of unit cohesion as our military. When you have a commander of such an agency act as an adolescent, not only having an affair, but also being criminally careless with classified information, you don't simply have an embarrassing situation, but a situation that could lead to the loss of life - including yours. So, I suggest you take a moment to realize there is a world of difference between having an affair in your safe little place of work and that in a military outfit or defense agency where most of its troops are fighting for your freedom in Afghanistan or some other far-flung hell-hole around the world.

Laura Cannon is part of the misguided liberal mentality that we should all turn a blind eye to deviant behavior, such saying there is no harm in having extramarital affairs while in uniform or in the service of our country. When I was in the Air Force I had a married NCOIC that had followed Ms. Cannon's advise, having an affair within my shop with a married noncom. This affair nearly tore apart my workplace not only because of the favoritism this NCOIC had towards this noncom, but also that as a tight knit group we were all friends with everyone's family, including the NCOIC's wife and the husband of the noncom. Thank goodness we had a commander that did not read from the liberal bible of Ms. Cannon. He put an end to this affair, blocked the promotion of the NCOIC and forced him to retire after nearly serving 18 years in the Air Force. Now this is an example of what happens in the trenches. Now just imagine what happens when this type of affair happens when you have a major command, such as 4-star general John Allen, or David Petraeus, who was in charge of the CIA. Despite what some liberal, "live and let live" types believe, this kind of behavior can be disastrous when it happens to the upper echelon of our military or defense agencies. And for those that argue that extramarital affairs have always happened....well, these foolish folks fail to realize that in an era of email, tweets, 24-hour news cycles and enemies of our country that use today's technology to challenge our nation that an affair is not a private matter known by a select group of insiders, like in the days of Generals Eisenhower or Washington.

Apply for your Iranian passport ASAP...... You'll do us all a favor ! ....... NHD

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