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Letter: GOP takes credit for good things, no blame for the bad

The reactions of the Republican Party since the election have been interesting.

It appears that some but not all conservatives believe that they are members of a ruling class who are convinced the election was won by fraudulent means. They have committed the fundamental attribution error of taking credit for good things and blaming everything bad on others. They attack the president for lying about the Benghazi attack that led to the tragic death of four Americans but seem not at all concerned that poor intelligence permitted the 9/11 attacks and the invasion of Iraq to occur.

There is an old, not so funny joke. How can you tell that a politician is lying? Answer: His mouth is moving.

I am not so naive to believe that Democrats always tell the truth, but the right wing of the Republican Party has raised disinformation and distortion to a whole new level. This was particularly evident in the 2012 election. The people knew it and voted accordingly. As the former first lady, Barbara Bush, has said, it is time for Republican congressional leaders to accept their loss and get over it.

We are living in a new country with a vastly different population. It is time for all public servants to follow their oath, not some outdated pledge, and serve the public. Both sides must compromise.

Each party will have to make painful sacrifices. We must move forward and embrace this more diverse and tolerant country we have become.



Legacy Comments5

One slight error... "The were reelected because they promised more spending." They were elected because believe it or not, not all of us are so naive. America spoke, just not everyone listened........ Also........ " This admistration has had 4 years for compromise and cannot compromise." Takes two to compromise. Congress has been sitting on their hands for so so long on important issues. The GOP and their 31 bills to overturn the Affordable Care Act, 39 years and still fighting Roe vs Wade. Hello, it's The Economy ...

Facts to support your assertions are lacking, though there's plenty of empty rhetoric of the same variety we've been hearing from the right since Obama was elected the frist time and was lucky enough to preside over and manage the worst economic crisis to befall the nation since the Great Depression. Since 2008, conservatives have been assiduously trying to rewrite both the Great Recession and the Great Depression to justify their snake-oil nostrums. Earth to the ideologically extreme Republican Party: our current predicament will require spending cuts AND tax increases: when will the right acknowledge that fact? No amount of changes in the tax code affecting deductions will alter that basic facts. As we come closer to the fiscal slope (not a cliff), we still await that acknowledgement of economic and fiscal reality.

This comment is addressed to the bunnyhopper down below, not to Frank Warman's most excellent letter

"our current predicament will require spending cuts AND tax increases: when will the right acknowledge that fact?" I'll second that! I didn't vote for Reagan, Bush 1, or Bush 2 - the administrations that caused this fiscal cliff/tax cut debt mess we're in. But I'm willing to help fix the mess they caused if the approach is balanced. The main reason I've been posting on here for the last few years is to try to help some of these folks understand the Republican math that made the mess. I don't think they will ever understand or acknowledge how the mess was made. Some of the posters on the right seem to always be in a big huff even thinking somehow that more tax cuts are the solution for our job outsourcing/debt/economic problems. Those who did not vote for Reagan or Bush should be the ones in a huff about having to fix the mess caused by the Republican big spenders who charged tax cuts for the wealthy to our kids.

I do not see the Dems making any painful scarifices. As a matter of fact they are demanding more spending. This admistration has had 4 years for compromise and cannot compromise. They had two years of telling the Reps to sit at the back of the bus because they were in charge and did not need their imput on anything. We get no transparency from this adminstration. Instead we get excuses and blame. The were reelected because they promised more spending.

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