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Letter: A tax compromise

I don’t support a change to the tax structure in New Hampshire as it would give legislators and the governor more money to spend on inefficient and wasteful programs which accomplish little. But I do have an idea of what we could do if Democrats could meet in the middle.

A sales tax is a better revenue generator. It allows people to keep their hard-earned money and spend it at their own discretion which improves the overall economy while creating jobs. Clothing and food would have to be exempt, but all other purchases could be taxed.

This should only be done if we earmark this revenue for education and infrastructure, passing an amendment that it could never be rolled into the general fund and used for any other purpose. It should only be done if an amendment is passed that the towns still have autonomy in running their schools but the towns could never raise taxes for education through property taxes again.

There should be an independent audit and top-to-bottom review of the state bureaucracy and a hard look at best practices, duplicative jobs and departments, nepotism, efficiencies; the suggestions should be adopted with cuts and consolidation of overall state bureaucracy.

The UNH system would need to also be reformed. Gone would be the days when professors earn $180,000 to teach a couple of classes per week.

I wonder how many Democrats and progressives would agree to the kind of compromise I propose. My guess is that the answer would be not many, as their agenda is simply to raise more to spend more.



Legacy Comments1

Giving politicians more money to spend is like giving an alcoholic more booze to drink. Especially with this new liberal, progressive group of politicians entering office, there will always be one more "deserving" program that should be funded. The only way to keep NH government small is to restrict Big Government's lifeblood: Money. Our state government should have to make do with their current resources. That's what the rest of us have to do. Live within our means -- that includes you, Mesdames Hassan and Norelli.

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