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Letter: Thanks, Sen. Ayotte

To Sen. Kelly Ayotte,

I write you this word of support and thanks for your vote in favor of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Politically I am not usually in agreement with you and have made known to you and others my dissent from your positions and rhetoric.

However, fairness must prevail in gauging the work of our elected officials. When they act as statesmen and truly try to do the most good for the most people, credit must be given where credit is due.

That fact that you resisted the isolationist, fear-mongering rhetoric of such senators as Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania and James Inhofe of Oklahoma is a credit to you. That fact that you found rational common ground with Sen. John McCain of Arizona; President George W. Bush, who signed the treaty; former Senator Bob Dole, himself elderly and disabled; and all Senate Democrats, gives hope for a the next four years of your term and the good you can do for citizens of all conditions.

Your response to this newspaper in a form other than a generic form letter is welcome.



Legacy Comments4

And thank you Senator Ayotte for voting to increase retired military pharmacy co-pay to in some cases 3 times what it has been....And you say you are for the military family......yeah ! right!!

I, too, thought Senator Ayotte had finally grown some independent spine. But alas, I found out the final vote on the bill was unanimous. She didn't ruffle any feathers on her far-right friends with her vote, she was just part of the crowd.

I was wrong, the vote on the final bill was not unanimous.

Even a blind squirl find a nut once in a while. Doc

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