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Letter: Stand up for public safety

For decades our “fearless leaders” in Congress have cowered before the mighty NRA, a well-financed lobby organization that advocates for the right of anyone to have any kind of weapon, complete with endless ammunition, regardless of how deadly. As a result, we must be searched before we can enter a public building, we fear for our lives in a shopping mall or movie theater. And now we must fear that a crazed gunman will attack our children in their classrooms.

Enough! The United States has become the world leader in gun murders. Do our legislators have the courage to stand up to the gun lobby, despite the threats, the money, the hysteria over the Second Amendment?

The founding fathers attached the right to bear arms to a “well-regulated militia.” A far cry from madmen with assault rifles that can shoot hundreds of bullets in a minute, murdering dozens in a flash! No one in a civilized society should own such weapons. They are not used for hunting, and certainly not for self defense. They are designed to kill people, and that is what they are used for.

Please, leaders, stand up for public safety. Remove these appalling weapons from our streets, houses, schools, theaters, shops and neighborhoods. The time is now.



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