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Letter: God taken out of schools

Re Sandra L. Morrison’s letter, “We have turned our backs on God” (Monitor, Dec. 18):

Morrison made many important points which will probably go unheeded by a godless society. Some people have asked, “Why did God let the Connecticut massacre happen in a school?” The answer, of course, is that we don’t let the name of God in schools anymore. A silent time at the beginning of the school day doesn’t cut it because students don’t even hear that there is a God.

Ancient Israel had the same problem that the United States is going through now. They turned their backs on God, and all 12 tribes – not just 10 – were scattered worldwide. Learn from them. Our leaders are ignoring the rules of order that God laid out for us over 2,000 years ago. When we follow them, we succeed. When we don’t, we fail.



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There are countries where religious know it alls brainwash kids in school. After school, God tells them to go on a Jihad - reminds me of the time when God told Bush to kill children in Iraq for no WMD reason.

Either you are trying to stir up emotions and controversy with such an over the top comment or you really believe it. If it is the latter and if you really feel that way about Iraq, then that is troubling for you.

FOR THE LAST TIME - PRAYER IS ALLOWED IN SCHOOLS! Any person can pray any time they want in a school. Teachers simply can't officially LEAD prayers.

It is understandable that prayer should not be led by a teacher and I don't really understand the desire of those who want to instill it back into the schools. At this point it is a moot point, it is not going to happen. I think, however, as we lose traditional institutional practices which, over time, led to a more structured society understanding the meaning of right and wrong, we see things like this massacre. We have pretty much destroyed the nuclear family, we excuse aberrant behavior and dismiss what was once considered psychologically unacceptable behaviors as "normal". We closed state hospitals in exchange for outpatient care (yes Nixon was behind that as well as the ACLU) and that was a major mistake. In Connecticut, Senate Bill 456 was defeated by the ACLU this year as they said that patients rights would be trampled on if we actually tracked that patients were self medicating and it was their "right" to not self medicate in outpatient care. We can't have things both ways. I felt pride pledging allegiance to the flag of this great country but now the youth of this country laughs during the pledge or have their minds of much on things like a video game. Prayer should, however, not be led by a teacher, that is for sure.

But, can they legally estop someone from rolling out a mat, facing the east and chanting in Arabic X amount of times a day?

We all have free will.

God had nothing to do with the massacre about which you speak just as God had nothing to do with the Jewish deaths.

Responding to Sandra Morrison's letter to theMonitor, Richard Willoughby posed the question of why God would allow children to be slaughtered. His answer was that "we don't let the name of God in schools anymore." So Mr. Willoughby's God gets incensed by a constitutional ruling and allows Adam Lanza to kill 20 children? The punishment for that kind of apostasy seems a little disproportionate. What did the children have to do with it except being the targets of God's wrath? Actually, there is no answer for people of faith, because they simply cannot reconcile the contradictory notions of a loving, providential God and a deity that condones the slaughter of children. The kids died because a mentally disturbed man killed them for reasons the rest of us can't possibly fathom. It's really that simple. If God allowed it, then I want no part of heaven.

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