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Letter: Who is really mentally ill?

After more than a week of watching knee-jerk reactions from both poles of the gun-control issue, I am beginning to wonder who the really mentally ill are. One end wants practically no guns in citizens’ hands, and the other wants practically every type of gun possible and hidden if practicable.

Does a concerned citizen need an assault weapon to kill a heavily armed mass murderer during his rampage? One or two well-placed rounds might solve the problem. Should those rounds come from an openly carried semi-automatic hand gun? Sure. It is a deterrent with its very presence.

Ban assault weapons and concealed-carry except for law enforcement and licensed security officers. Any concerned citizen needing either should be considered a mental-health risk and either paranoid, delusional or a sociopath. She or he may be considering mass murder, revolution or sneaking up on someone to commit a crime. (Recreational gun-play could be considered delusional.) Are there any other reasons to own an assault weapon as a citizen?

Any person who even attempts to buy or continue to own an assault weapon or obtain a concealed carry permit without due cause should be considered mentally incompetent to participate in our society.



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Really? I have read a lot of good opinions and thoughts on either side of this issue recently. This isn't one of them.

Bravo! Have you noticed how our path is shadowing the path of Rome, we are declining fast when we trade freedom for security. Our citizenry is becoming over emotional and weak.

Any gun is an assault weapon when you are assaulting someone with it. Reloading only takes seconds. The term assault weapons is a red flag to me that the person using it does not know guns.

For thousands of years there have been laws banning the use of arms against innocents in virtually every country and culture. For that same period of time criminals and the criminally insane have not heeded these laws. We could pass 100 more laws saying it's wrong to kill innocents and criminals and the criminally insane would still not heed those laws. We could pass 1000 more laws banning types of weapons, types of magazines, types of ammunition and criminals and the criminally insane would get them from any place on the planet where they still existed or could be made. Weapons can always be made, regardless of any law or regulation. We could then pass 1 million new laws with stiffer penalties and criminals and the criminally insane would not heed those laws either. I would like to live in a world where personal safety was never an issue but that is not the world I live in. Yes, weapons and virtually any tool that mankind has ever made can be used to kill or maim OR guard and protects (not just in homes). It's not the tools - its human behavior. The killing of innocents was done long before the creation of what we now call guns. We need to think in new and creative ways of identifying and modifying behavior of criminals and the criminally insane but first let's not waste time and money on what hasn't worked for thousands of years. To paraphrase Einstein, -Insanity is repeating the same action and expecting different results.

2nd amendment - about freedom. Roe v Wade - about freedom. St. Hillaire's - against both. See a pattern here?

Dan - there's more than one definition of "freedom" in this country. One such definition is "I get to do whatever I want, AND I get to tell you what you may or may not do, based on my own interpretation of morality. Further, if you insist on doing things I think are immoral, you are trampling on my (usually religious) freedom."

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