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Letter: The big lie

The well-tried propaganda principle – if you tell the big lie often enough, it is accepted as truth – is getting a severe test these days.

House Speaker John Boehner keeps saying that President Obama’s intractability is thwarting negotiations regarding the so-called fiscal cliff, and that the president must be held responsible if we go over that cliff. The simple truth is that the president is holding firm to the insistence that a tiny percentage of us – the very rich – need to pay more of their fair share. Boehner, in contrast, defines the middle class as anyone earning $1 million or less per year. A million dollars!

What does this say about the Republican Party’s conception of reality? Do you see someone earning, say, $400,000 a year as middle class? Boehner and his associates are defending their constituency – the very richest 2 percent – because money wins elections (2012 being the exception). Why anyone outside that elite would vote Republican, for a long time to come, is beyond me.



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Republicans are the ones who spout the benefits of free markets, tell us all that everything should be all about what the markets will bear. Republicans are mostly the ones responsible for proposing and voting in economic policy that promotes free markets, and insisting that the private sector is what should be running the economy for us all. So it's more than a little hypocritical to read comments by staunch GOP defenders insisting that the government needs to do more. We need less government, except when you need someone to blame for Republican failures, right? Or, government jobs apparently aren't real jobs. They don't count. Just how many slices of your cake are you intending to eat, too?

The Reps are all about less govt. The right is all about bigger govt, more entitlement programs, more mandates and more tax and spend. Our govt already has way too many jobs and depts. We spend tax dollars on depts that are not needed. Those depts are filled with waste and fraud, and nobody ever audits them or looks to make them more efficient. Dems want more govt and less private industry and competition. The record on big govt is a failure. Just look at their takeover of GM. Just look at their Green investments that have failed, or how they try to manage education. All complete failures. And now, even with that dismal record, folks are trusting them to manage their healthcare. Keep looking the other way and making excuses for this incompetence. You have not seen anything yet. The next 4 years are about to get even more dysfunctional.

Recent Republican administrations, election campaigns, and Tea Baggers have shown us that "The Reps are all about" big government spending on tax cuts for the wealthy, a defense the size of the rest of the world combined, wars for no reason, and a war on drugs failure, all stolen from Social Security and/or charged to the kids along with $trillions more in finance charges, plus wars on women, homosexuals, the mentally ill, and the disabled. Voters are catching on to what "The Reps are all about" and overriding the Republican efforts to suppress the vote. Total federal personnel increased by 6.5% under big government Reagan, decreased by 16.3% under small government Clinton, and is significantly lower under Obama than under big government Reagan.

Here is a Lie for you. The recovery. It is a fraud. The unemployment went down because of folks leaving the labor force. 70% of the jobs created in the last months were state or federal govt jobs. There are 4 million fewer private sector jobs. We are all being scammed by an adminstration that touts big govt. more spending, and the destruction of the economy. The sad part is many have no clue.

The Prsident has mor spending on the agenda with his next stimulus. He has put no cuts on the table. Just promises, that never materialize like his budgets that never seem to appear. Talk all you want about the rich. The bottom line is that we need cuts and taxes. Till this President learns how to compromise we will get nowhere. Stay tuned for double dip recession and higher unemployment.

One could make the argument that the left has no issue with going over the cliff. They get to tax more and cut defense spending.

The deficit has one major cause - politicians spending more money than they could take out of taxpayer wallets.

The Republican deficit solution under Reagan and Bush was to drastically increase spending while slashing top bracket and capital gains taxes for millionaires and billionaires, leaving $trillions in long term debt and $trillions more of interest payments piling up on the kid's credit card. America just doesn't run well on Republican magic bean fumes.

The fiscal cliff/debt snowball problem was, and continues to be, caused mainly by the Reagan and Bush tax cuts and spending increases. Even if all tax rates were raised to pre-Reagan levels we would still be left with 5 times the amount of interest expense prior to Reagan. So what should we do? Only raise the top rate by 4.6% for multi-millionaires earning incomes over $1,000,000/yr - because millionaires earning $250,000/yr are somehow just scraping by? Raise the retirement age so that the millionaires and billionaires can steal more SS contributions from working Americans? Just go off a cliff? Boehner says "God only knows". Obama says "The American People Are Watching What We Do Here". Buffet says: "Stop coddling the rich". We have to do a lot more to stop the outsourcing, increase GDP and revenue, and lower the cost of government. So I say "Put top bracket, inheritance, and capital gains tax rates back to pre-Reagan levels and keep bottom bracket rates where they are. Extend unemployment benefits and pass the jobs bill ASAP. Phase in the elimination of all employee/employer payments to health care insurance, SS, Medicare, Medicaid, and unemployment insurance and simplify the complicated big government mess by phasing in national health care and guaranteed minimum income paid for by significantly lower costs and a national sales tax on all foreign and domestic products sold here."

This is all about the President not offering anything. he refuses to put anything on the table about cuts, just says we will talk about that down the road. Just like we are still waiting for a budget. Yes we need to raise taxes, but we also need to reform some programs and get a budget set finally. it takes two to compromise. The President refuses to.

Obviously, you don't consider a cut to the COLA of social security anything on the table?

The latest from Senator Reid is he feels that the House Speaker is holding off as he waits this "fiscal cliff" out to see if he gets re-elected as House Speaker. It's all about the politics folks...

The latest from Senator Reid...there will never ever be a budget while he is in charge and he will not even allow a debate about a budget......He has not done one in 4 years spending at historical highs ...why would he want to change that

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