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Letter: The Bosse agenda

I was surprised to open up the Viewpoints section of the Dec. 30 Sunday Monitor and find an extensive piece with giant numbers and extra-large print penned by Grant Bosse (“13 to watch”). It was presented as a New Year’s op-ed about 13 issues facing our state over the next year. However, it was really 13 right-wing talking points seemingly addressed to other right-wing Republicans representing their partisan and divisive agenda; the very agenda that the voters just repudiated in this past election.

I wouldn’t have minded seeing the piece if there had been a counterpoint article written by a Democrat or maybe a panel of, let’s say, five respected people of various viewpoints giving their ideas of things to look for in the coming year. However, handing this over to a person who is essentially a right-wing ideologue and giving it such a prominent play in your paper is quite disappointing.

The only thing I learned from the article is the 13 things buzzing around inside Bosse’s head, not an agreed upon legislative agenda that reflects the priorities or concerns of the majority of people and leaders in this state. I expect better from the Monitor.



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At least one thing in Mr. Bosse's favor is that he is consistent in his opinion. He doesn't go about bleating about the NRA's view about "guns at all costs," then uses this forum to bite the hand they feed by attacking the newspaper that publishes their op-ed pieces for wanting common sense gun control as it pertains for assault-style weapons, as well as attacking anyone else who has a similar viewpoint. I may disagree with Grant Bosse's politics, but I value his opinion far more than someone who plays both sides of the fence with one's opinions.

Hi Mikey! Are you referring to yours truly? Surely you aren't because if you were, then you just referred to me as the "hand" that feeds the Concord Monitor. If I feed the Monitor, then I must OWN the Monitor. Didn't you mean to type, "then uses this forum to bite the hand that feeds them????????" I'm sorry to disappoint you Mikey, but I don't follow one particular lock-step ideology like you and Grant do.

Hey, I'd have taken the "promotion" from BOC member to "columnist" if they'd offered it to me. But alas, Bosse made a more politically expedient choice. Now they have a conservative voice on staff to mollify the hordes of readers who complain about their left-leaning ideological bent.

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