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Letter: The horror of gun violence

Some years ago, I was prosecuting attorney of Tuscarawas County, Ohio, population about 90,000.

After a spate of gun crimes, I decided to ask the sentencing judges to order the confiscation and destruction of the guns used in the crimes. I had the courthouse maintenance guys destroy the guns with a sledge hammer and anvil in the courthouse basement.

My policy got some press.

Not long after, an angry man walked into my office wanting to argue about my gun policy.

I had a response.

Some days before, in Port Washington, Ohio, an 11-year-old girl took a loaded revolver off the top of the refrigerator and shot and killed her 9-year-old brother.

I had pictures of the little boy lying on a slab with a bullet hole in his body.

I invited the angry man to review the pictures with me as he made his gun argument. The discussion ended.

Here’s my point.

The crime scene pictures of the murdered children at Sandy Hook Elementary should be published and published again. The pictures should be on television, on Facebook, everywhere so people can understand the horror of gun violence.



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Art...there is a significant difference between mass shootings (usually committed by a mentally ill person) and accidental discharge (usually committed by someone unfamiliar with firearms safety).

Hey Art, You really want to know how to stop gun violence? Watch this!

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