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Letter: What’s an assault weapon?

The term “assault weapon” puzzles me. Is it the caliber of the weapon, the shape of the stock or its intended use?

I can understand that an automatic weapon, one that fires multiple rounds with one pull of the trigger, such as those used by our military and law enforcement, would fit that description.

Most hunters own rifles of much larger caliber than those used in recent unspeakable tragedies, but when they’re used afield they’re called hunting rifles. If one of these unstable criminals was to use a .22 caliber rifle that held 10 bullets to commit his crime, would we call it an assault rifle?

Most states limit the amount of ammunition that can be placed into a weapon for the purpose of hunting.

Banning any brand, style or shape of a rifle will not curb the violence, but maybe banning the sale of clips or magazines that hold more than 3-5 rounds, conducting more extensive background checks on purchases and, yes, placing armed officers in public facilities will slow the scourge of gun violence.



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Thanks for asking the question Ken! At least someone is!

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