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Letter: Ayotte is right

Who wouldn’t like to give themselves a pay raise? Congress seems poised to do just that, give itself a healthy salary boost on the backs of hardworking taxpayers like me. How anyone in Washington feels that they deserve a pay raise is beyond me. Sen. Kelly Ayotte’s proposal to block this pay increase just makes good common sense. Thank you, Senator, for being reasonable and responsible.



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Great, Thank you Kelley. Now if Kelley would only realize that we would likely be a creditor nation now without the Reagan and Bush tax cuts for the wealthy. 1/3 of our deficit is borrowed to continue to pay for those tax cuts. Another 1/3 is borrowed to pay the finance charges on those tax cuts. The remaining 1/3 is borrowed to pay for stimulus and wars, which would be much more affordable if it wasn't for the debt problem caused by the first 2/3s. Does Kelley realize that the 50 year average top bracket tax rate from 1932 to 1981 was 79% and that 39.6% is only about half of 79%?

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