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Letter: LaPierre has a point

I agree with National Rifle Association spokesman Wayne LaPierre who says when it comes to guns, good mental health should be a top priority. He should start with the paranoid, delusional, anarchist NRA members many of us viewed on YouTube recently.



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The letter illustrates that even the pseudo-intelligent on the left can and do make fools of themselves, stereotyping and categorizing whole groups of people, projecting intolerance of others, and more.

...and you believe in everything on You-Tube? Delusion, perversion, insanity, intolerance and all of mankind's baser thoughts and behaviors are viewable on You-Tube. Might want to search out a higher level information source.

You had me . . . then you lost me.

Damned if you do – Damned of you don’t Focusing on ways to toughen up our gun laws would be a total waste of time if the sole purpose was to prevent an emotionally or mentally unstable person from killing other people. Using sound minds and judgment we should not lead a posse of police officers, the FBI, the president, etc. to make us feel good for a short period of time. Should we prevent the sale of automobiles just because they are the number one device involved in deaths? One male person from Massachusetts has a record of driving while drunk (eight times). He hasn’t killed anyone yet. What shall we do with him or his vehicle? The only answer which would be very costly should be researching a program to identify those individuals who could duplicate the actions of Adam Lanza. I am sure we’re all aware that hiding guns from the killers would be less costly than researching the above mentioned program

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