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Letter: The wrong celebration

I heard recently that Saturday is “Celebrate Your Gun Day.”

Celebrate your gun? Not celebrate the good fortune of not being a gun victim or helping those who have been, or creating policies to ensure greater safety from gun violence while respecting the rights of gun owners (sometimes creating what is called a “compromise”), but celebrate the gun.

Does this mean if I own a gun I should take it out to the movies, or to a shopping center, or to a public gathering, or maybe to a school or a camp? Maybe it just means take it to my bed.

I urge gun owners, NRA members or not, who have written to this newspaper or others (and there have been many of you, including friends of mine) to help find a moderate, reasonable solution to limited gun control and total background checks because as gun owners you have more clout and respect among the gun community than non-gun owners to stand up and be counted and lobby for safer communities and a safer country.

Thirty years ago I worked at Concord High School when a former student came to school intending to shoot students, but the police shot him first. It can happen here again or anywhere. Reasonable gun owners unite. We need your help to keep those you say are an extreme minority from dominating the gun laws of the United States.

What better time to begin than on Saturday, “Celebrate Your Gun Day!”



Legacy Comments5

So, by that comment Bruce, are you implying that all of us who own guns and hold fast against more gun control are white supremacists? How incredibly shallow can you be?

So "One of the sponsors" implies "all of us who own guns" in your mind? "How incredibly shallow can you be?"

I don't think any fair-minded person would make that implication, based on my comments or my letter. At the same time, I don't think any fair-minded person should take a hard and fast position "against more gun control" the way the NRA has, and apparently the way you have. Please explain why you think the general public needs to be armed with semi-automatic weapons and 30 round magazines? And while you're at it, why not ponder why the NRA makes no effort to stop "truther" claims regarding the tragedy at Newtown?

One of the sponsors of "Celebrate Your Gun Day" on the website for Saturday's event is a white nationalist hate group: "America Third Position."

I won't be shallow. I am a gun owner. I also know a little bit about American 3rd position, as I fought it's candidate, Ryan J Murdough in the pages of this very paper(both online and in print) during his thankfully unsuccessful legislative bid. I HATE the American 3rd position. It is nothing more than an attempt to rebrand fascism. Now, I must leave . . . off to the range for some post-season target practice!

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