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Letter: Paranoia from the NRA

President Obama’s gun control initiative will have a difficult go of it, in large measure due to one gun lobby group, the National Rifle Association.

A glimpse into the evolution of Wayne Lapierre, the embodiment of the NRA, is a glimpse into the radicalization of a movement that was once arguably a coherent grassroots defense of the Second Amendment.

Railing (with some justification) against an unfair media in 1993, LaPierre made the case for gun ownership when he said, “For me the issue comes down to one Ohio police department 911 call I received (in which) a woman at home in the middle of the night called about a break-in to her home.” (The woman was subsequently assaulted and raped.) “That woman, if she wants to, has the right to own a firearm, and that is what this whole issue is all about.”

Flash forward to 2010 and LaPierre addressing an NRA audience on the same issue. “The U.N. plan (to regulate small arms) is about global agencies, monitoring, surveillance, supervision, lists, all institutional within the bureaucracy of the United Nations.”

Lapierre, the NRA leadership and many NRA members have slid from a legitimate position on gun ownership to a paranoid, delusional and highly reactive stance that seeks to intimidate any legislator who wants sensible gun control. Obama is seen by many in the NRA as an enemy whose ultimate goal is the repeal of the Second Amendment. To those who think this isn’t about the NRA, but about gun manufacturers and the money they stand to lose, think again. If the issue for Lapierre isn’t guns but mental illness, I say look to your own house first.



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*Note We intterupt with the following mesege; In response to the Saturday night mass shooting in New Mexico NRA President Wayne LaPierre released the following statement; "If only the 2 year victim old would have had access to a gun the little guy could have stopped the tragedy." ,,,,,,,, We now return you to the weekly broadcast of NRA's Theater of the Absurd. And tonight's episode, 'Duck ! How I survived the Gun Show!'

At one time (when dinosaurs roamed the earth?) the NRA was a MEMBER centered and funded fraternal organization. It has evolved into a political lobbying business funded by and speaking for the self-named "sporting" industry: manufacturers, importers, distributors and dealers of everything from camouflage hunting apparel to devices like semiautomatic Kalashnikov knock-offs that exist for no purpose - NONE - except to kill human beings with as many poorly aimed shots as necessary.

And that's why I haven't given them a dime in a couple years. I do appreciate the fact that I still receive my copy of "American Hunter" every month, though.

Dan, I get "American Rifleman" for my life membership. Should we have a monthly swap?

Sounds like a deal!

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